Our feature is because this machine or

Our project idea is to modify a a iRobot vacuum cleaner into a more advanced technology robot that can go on the streets and sidewalks and clean all the mess.

An attachment that I would like to put on the Robot is the ability to recycle trash and to create that mess into something useful. Our cleaning robot would of course have some features. One of the features the we would like to attach to the robot is the ability to recycle and to make the mess into something more useful, as mentioned earlier. The reason we chose this feature is because this machine or robot will be in the future, and in the future, most of our resources would be scarce or not easy to get. So with this feature, we are able to recycle trash and to reuse the resources in the trash and to make it into something so we can save resources for as long as possible. Another feature that we decided to choose is for the Robot to be controlled by technology and for it to have different modes of cleaning. This feature will make it much easier to clean.

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There can be a deep clean and a regular clean. The deap clean could clean everything and is used on the streets and on people’s sidewalks. The regular clean could be able to clean in the houses or something. You could control or see how much progress the robot has made on a device and set the robot goals in how much trash it can pick up in a day. The last feature is that the robot doesn’t acquire a charger. The futures technology won’t acquire a charger, instead the rays sun will be enough to charge up the machine.

By using this inexpensive feature, more resources will be saved and more people would want to get this product. The features that I wanted to have for a little bit, but changed  my mind later, is something that would make the robot much faster by having a boost. I didn’t choose this because the robot would go to fast and the robot wouldn’t pick everything up, therefore, making it a bad feature.


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