Our almost complete oxidation of the precursor

Our plasma contains O admixed with the carrier gas N, the oxygen atoms
become the dominant active species in the plasma, being efficiently embedded
into the surface and increasing the surface tension. With oxygen
the ratio between silicon and oxygen in the SiOx film can be varied from
polymer-like (1:1) to quartz-like (1:2) structures. In general, the concentration of
carbon (C) is lower in deposits, which were obtained under the influence of O2
admixed to the carrier gas, the amount of carbon present in the films is
reduced . With increased levels of exposure
the oxygen content of the coating is found to increase, with a corresponding
decrease in carbon concentration. From the deconvolution we see that coatings Si-O-Si type of bonds and in a
peak composition tethahedron SiO4, the main structural unit of the silicats.  Surprisingly
very similar behavior is obtained also for the coatings deposited by RF plasma
jet. On the whole explore materials we see the same situation, Si2p peak is in
majority of at least of 95% composed by the SiOx (103.4±0.1 eV)
bond, while the other three peaks assigned to (CH3)nSiO4-n
type of bonds have none or little concentration. It clearly indicates that – despite
difference in the plasma excitation methods and the point of
injection of the precursor deposition – both
methods provide almost complete oxidation of the precursor leading to formation
of SiOx film on any substrate studied in this work. HMDSO-containing plasma the molecules are fragmented by dissociation of
methyl groups and the stronger Si–O bindings are preserved, resulting in the
formation of silicon films. No N is incorporated in the coating throughout the
discharge length, similar to some earlier reported atmospheric plasma
depositions.(17,36). The role ofN2 in the gas mixture might be in the plasma
activation of HMDSO and oxidizer, as observed in previous studies on
atmospheric pressure PECVD.18,37

As summarised, for the two types of HMDSO flow created films have the same
elemental composition.


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