Oscar new “English Renaissance in Art.” After that

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was born on October 16,
1854 in Dublin, Ireland. He died on November 30th, 1900 at just the
youngish age of 46 in Paris, France. He was an Irish poet and he was also a
playwright. He wrote a lot of different things in different forms all
throughout the 1880’s and then soon became one of the most popular play writers
in London in the early 1890’s. He has received great fame from his plays and
his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray and the fact that he died at such a young
age. Oscar’s parents were also successful. He learned fluent French and German
at a very young age. Oscar majors in the genres of drama, short story, critic
ism, dialogue, and journalism. Oscar was married to a woman named Constance
Lloyd. Oscar went to two different universities called Dublin and Oxford. After
Oscar was done at university he moved to the city of London into stylish
cultural and so called social circles. He published a book of poems that are
now being taught in Canada and the United Stats on the new “English Renaissance
in Art.” After that he went back to Long where he worked as a journalist. In
Oscars life time he wrote nine plays, one novel, and multiple poems, short
stories, and essays.

His father’s name was Sir William Wilde, he was an eye
doctor. His mother’s name was Jane Francesca Elgee, and she was a poet and a
journalist. Oscar also had two children named Cyril and Vyvyan.

He is also famous for his multiple affairs with a specimen of
the male race. He also went to jail for his homosexual encounters with the son
of an aristocrat, he went to jail because at the time homosexuality was
considered a crime. Oscar sued Bosie’s father for libel because Marquis of
Queensberry accused him of being a homosexual. Oscar’s case did not work out
and he got himself arrested for gross indecency. He was sentences to two years
of hard labour.


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