Orpheus, was a great musician, he was seen

Orpheus, his storyOrpheus is born in a cave in Thrace between Pimpleia and Leivithra. This “Thrace” was a region ruled by his father river-god Oeagrus. Oeagrus had a wife named Calliope. She was one of the Muses. A muse is a daughter of Zeus, Calliope is one of the nine daughters (Muses). As Orpheus grew up he got a wife named Eurydice. Eurydice was what is called as an oak nymph. When Eurydice died Orpheus was very depressed. He played his music very beautiful but also with his own sad emotions in it, it was very sad music. The gods loved his music and they encouraged him to go to the underworld and get his wife Eurydice back. He did what the gods encouraged him to do, he went to the underworld. He played his music so beautiful that he made Hades agree that he could take Eurydice back. But there was one thing. That was that Eurydice had to walk behind him and that he could look back. He took Eurydice and they walk almost out of the underworld. But when they almost entered the light of the normal world Orpheus looked back at Eurydice and Eurydice vanished before his eyes.Orpheus was a great musician, he was seen as the greatest musician of all time. But just after his marriage, the love of his life got bit by a, snake and died. He went on a grand quest to get his wife back out of the underworld. He faced Hades (god of the underworld) to get his wife back. He needed to walk all the way back to the normal world, with his wife following him, but he couldn’t look at her a single time, otherwise she would be in the underworld forever. He managed to almost done it, but, at the end, he looked back… now he only plays sad music.The death of Orpheus has some different myths telling how he died. Some stories say that Orpheus was torn into pieces by Maenads, the greek god of the vines. Others say that women killed him, because he insulted a lot of them. Again, others say that he had died because of a lightning beam.We don’t know exactly, but we do know that Eurydice had died before he did and that he had a hard time to cope with the loss. Now (I think)the most interesting theory comes: the gods reunited them. The gods saw Orpheus having a hard time and decided that his soul must go to the soul of Eurydice. In this way his ego had to be put aside and he could go to the soul of Eurydice.


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