Organizational Generating commitment comprises communication, education and

Organizational commitment structure is acknowledged as a significant Human Resource function in the modern organizational perspective.. Management of assurance should exceed beyond rewards. Commitment must be permanent and become part of life (Rao, 1999).

Guest(1991) states that high organizational commitment is linked with lower turnover and absence, but there is no apparent connection to performance. It is smart not to anticipate too much from commitment as a primary method of making a direct and instant impact on performance. It is not equal to motivation. Commitment is a wider perception and resists temporary characteristics of an employee’s job. It is feasible to be unhappy with a particular characteristic of a job while maintaining a plausibly high level of assurance to the organization. Generating commitment comprises communication, education and initiatives to amplify participation and ownership of performance and reward management systems.

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The connection between motivation and organizational loyalty is very vital now days since people do not prefer to stay with the same association for a long period of time, especially in the private sector. It has become difficult for the organizations to implement power on the employees in order to retain them. Employee motivation is displayed in many ways and this leads to the organizational commitment. It is apparent that organizations would love to hire employees with greater level of organizational commitment. Employers usually believe that individuals with superior levels of job satisfaction will have higher levels of loyalty to the organization.

The rationale for motivation to lead commitment or loyalty to the organization is that a higher level of job satisfaction could lead to good work life and reduction in stress (Cote ; Heslin, 2003). If the work motivation and job satisfaction increases gradually the organizational commitment may also increase simultaneously. Additionally, if organizational commitment is negative, the independent variables (work motivation and overall job satisfaction) will also decline (Warsi et al. 2009)

In order to satisfy employees and their committed to their jobs, the organizational will need to implement strong and effective motivational strategies at various levels of the organization. Tella et al. (2007) states that there is a strong relationship between work motivation and organizational commitment. Therefore work motivation is regularly established how well the organization meets employees expectations.

Based on these evidences, it is hypothesized that organizational commitment of senior level employees at ABC bank in Sri Lanka has a positive relationship with their motivation to work.


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