or and Maury Peiperl, London Business School Yehuda

or working time.The MBA is only one phase in a company’s career development strategy for itshigh flyers. Referring people to study for an MBA is an indication of investingin people, gaining the best out of them, this process creating professional leaders.However, when MBA graduates work as managers, they want fundamental recognitionand respect for their abilities, including additional opportunities to grow swiftly.

An MBA programis obviously targeted to add value to graduate students giving them business knowledgeand managerial skills. Experimental studies appear to offer support for this conflict.In the USA,Boyatzis and Renio (1989) have presented that an MBA program had an importantpositive effect on graduates’ managerial competencies in many areas likeinformation analysis, quantitative analysis, and projects implementation.At (2000) Yehuda Baruch,University of East Anglia and Maury Peiperl, London Business School YehudaBaruch, University of East Anglia, undertake a research on The impact of an MBAon graduate students careers The research suggest one general hypothesis, specificallythat the MBA  have a positive effect inachieving its planned goals. Specifically, acquisition an MBA will, providegraduate students? with business knowledge andmanagerial skills, improve performance as a leader, increase employability, improveone’s ability to find and keep a job support career advancement, lead toincreased reward, either directly or through access to a fast-track promotion tracksupport graduate students to create career changes, from functional field togeneral management.To examination the hypotheses they compared MBA graduate studentswith non-MBA graduate students, using coordinated samples in several companies.The research took the form of the survey questionnaire, in the questionnairethe participants were asked questions linking to their official education,without any direct indication that the research was designed to measure the impactof an MBA.There are three groups of variables were identified and the resultscollected as following-       Organizationalstructure variables, containing formal performance evaluations, wages and generalevaluations from HR managers, wherever no significant differences were foundbetween the two populations.Situationabout the future, with statistically significant differences, MBA graduated students predictedachieving less senior final positions in their companies and presented 

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