Optus Company; sales and marketing department structures

Sales department

Optus Company, being an electronic products seller ought to have an efficient sales department that can meet sales targets.

This is taken into consideration bearing in mind the industry in which this company operates that depends on how a company is able to adapt to the changing environment and win customer satisfaction. The sales department is structured in a way that, everything concerning sales can be done through online procedure (Yes OPTUS 2). This is a strategy to reach all mobile user customers on a global scale. The sales department has developed a special website for any one willing to purchase a headset from the company to access it. The procedures are clearly displayed on the web page for customers to follow from the initial ‘sales’ button to the end until the product is purchased (Paul Budde 4). The payment mode together with the delivery process is accomplished. Therefore, the department can be said to be more of a decentralized structure than a centralized one since customers are able to access the company’s products from everywhere in the world.

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The department targets both internal and external customers. The products are sold to the customers with allowances attached to them to reduce the sales price in order to generate more sales for the company. Internal customers can easily access the products without using online procedures while external customers are recommended to use online mode (Renai 6). This has reduced customer traffic in the company’s main outlets and operating costs involved. Some of the mobile products offered by the company include Black berry, Samsung, LG and other mobile phone accessories.

Marketing department

This is yet another crucial department in a telecommunication industry. It is responsible for the development of products that meet customer satisfaction and demands. The processes in this department are also web-based in the Octopus Company (Rosenberg 6).

The marketing manager carries out extensive promotions through sophisticated data base management tools that can warrant designing and distribution of the required products. These methods are cost effective. The success of the Optus can be attributed largely to this department since its marketing research and development has led development of high quality phones suitable for all social classes at affordable prices. Online marketing has helped the Optus has build an online presence yet providing necessary and relevant information to the customers who contact the department hence saving costs of printing brochures and other materials to avail information to the customers.

Customers are given an opportunity to interact with the company better. The department has monitors all its market outlets and stores to make sure everything is in good condition (Technology switched on 1). This is to ensure the availability of the products to the customers at all times. In collaboration with sales section, the department also ensures all the mobile phones sold or any other product reaches the customer in good time.

Besides this section has succeeded in maintain excellent business relations with the suppliers of products and keep updating each other on the changing consumer needs. The efficiency in the marketing department has been strengthened through training of young innovative stars that have a passion for marketing and hence delivering innovative solutions to the department (Bingemann 5). Optus also relies on billboards to advertise its products to those having difficult with online access.

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