Option sensible, but morally good. I do believe

Option C: It is hard to say it, but this just means less people competing with me for scarce opportunities and resources. This option is concerned with “self-interest”, it says I need to look after myself and also worry about who is sharing opportunities and resources with me, the less the better – this is what egoism is all about. In my opinion option C is an example of egoism because the person is more worried about self (assumed to be an interest in some sort of well-being) or in other words is being selfish which is the opposite of altruism which is concerned with putting the interests of others before our own.What I have also identified is that option B refers to Rational egoism – the idea that being selfish is just plain sensible irrespective of the outcomes.I do not agree with the statement regarding ethical egoism: being selfish is not just sensible, but morally good. I do believe that we need to take care of one another hence I mentioned in my previous assignment that there must be concerted effort to work together and alleviate poverty.

If we were to all adopt the ethical egoism principle, the deaths of these children would multiply day by day because everybody would be worried about themselves. And no one would be lending a helping hand to those in need.I think as human beings just like animals it is the survival of the fittest therefore to some degree selfishness to achieve what we want in life we always exist. Whether there are casualties in realising these goals that is another matter. In saying the following, I disagree with what Ayn Rand said about altruism, helping others for the sake of making the world a better place to live in can never be evil.My assignment 2 answerI said Whitey Basson’s earnings was a matter of hard work and dedication to his craft. And I also mentioned that his shops have uplifted a lot of communities in terms of jobs, infrastructure and making it cheaper for our people to access services that were previously difficult to access like ATM, buying travel tickets, money transfers, etc. I want to believe that Whitey Basson does contribute to the underprivileged and to charities that help those in need including children homes.

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In my previous assignment I chose the option ‘It is morally unacceptable for a single child to die of a preventable disease and we should collectively fix this irrespective of the cost’. In conclusion I would like to see people like Whitey Basson contributing more to the underprivileged enabling a better and a brighter future for all. Well that is what I what I would want to do if I held such wealth. And this echoes the same thoughts I submitted in assignment 3.


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