Opponents parents have to send their children to

Opponents of this view would argue that economic terrorism has had the most devastating effects in the Middle East because the children were being abused.

In 1992, over 500,000 children was sent to work because their families take out loans and they cannot pay it back so, parents have to send their children to work from ages 4 to 14 (Cremin 206). In the article “Fight for Child Workers!”Peadar Cremin states that “complaints results in beatings,having their fingers plunged into boiling water,or other punishments.” (206). This means that it would make it easy for Carpet master to control the children better than adults.This is important because it helps to reveal that when kids go to work at the carpet factory they don’t get an education.When the children don’t get an education then they can’t reach their goals in life.A second example of how children were being abused is the children don’t get a good education.

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