OPEN open source characters of bottom-up meritocracy

OPENSOURCE IS A MAJOR ASPECT FOR FUTURE: Theterm “open source” refers to something people can modifyand share because its design is publicly accessible. Open-sourcesoftware is computer software with its source code madeavailable with a license in which the copyright holder provides therights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone andfor any purpose. Opensource is a proven alternative to commercial software in a variety ofsectors, and it’s growing fast. A recent survey found that almost70% of the corporate organizations are either contributing to orparticipating in open-source projects. OPENSOURCE SOFTWARE ALLOWS DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICE: Open source development is a concept that allows you to develop or renovate your website with the same source code .The source codes are visible on the web page of the website .

Web developer has been using this technology as a key part of the website development. The designer working on the website can view the source code of the other similar websites One of the greatest feature of open-source is that the users can be the co-developers, and can assist in finding bugs and also suggest how to improve the software functionality and design. Both internal and external developers must have access to the same source code and should be able to fully participate in discussions. MODIFICATIONAND INNOVATION ARE THE GREATEST BENIFITS: Open source was originally conceived as a way to facilitate development and innovation through collaboration The internet has been developed primarily as a large collection of individual but related open source projects Software development tool integration and innovation is an open source domain. Many open source communities exhibit rapid evolution that can be utilized through participation to speed user’s company’s or user’s organization’s innovative processes.

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Open source provides an unrestricted access to designs, products, and ideas to be used by an unlimited number of people in a variety of sectors for diverse purposes. The open source characters of bottom-up meritocracy directs ownership and accountability back to development teams. One of the best ways to introduce a new software idea, test new capabilities, and grow an active user base is through an open source community The Open source software allows to make modifications in the source code which by the time helps in innovation of new modules and gives a twist in the code. The open code base allows the user to reorganize and redress software tools and features anytime. Any number of plugins, add-ons, and extensions can be integrated or removed from your product..WEGET MORE FEATURES IN LESS PRICE : When you have the source code and the software combined,and you can edit the code according to your choice or requirement and this is priced same as the commercial software then it can be said that we get more in less price.

You can enjoy lower costs while not being too strictly bound to contracts and subscription plans that keep you invested long after advancements in technology have made that software obsolete. It also saves your money on constantly having to upgrade and maintain your in-house software, while also offsetting the cost of training and implementation. OPENSOURCEIS ADAPTABLE AND FAMILIAR FOR USERS : It is never locked into a vendor There is no limit as in bounded by a contract example the number of users,number of processors or any other scaling factor that will impact the price of commercial software The user has the possession of the source code hence the customization is easy from the user’s end. Healthy open source communities provide support and help in maintenance and it encourages inputs and suggestions.OPENSOURCE IS AS SECURE AS CLOSED SOURCE: No code is perfect be it open or closed,because its written by human,they all can have its weakness and incapability.

So someone or the other will definitely find a fault but if the source is open you have the authority to fix the bug without waiting for vendor to fix it. If it’s open, it’s essentially up for more peer review, which means there are more sets of eyes to identify security holes and fix them. In a closed environment, how do you know how thorough your software’s being reviewed if you can’t see what’s happening or know who’s doing it? You can fix the thing where you know that there is a problem but in closed source software you need to trust whatever is given to you. Open source can also make patching software a bit faster. There’s no need to contact the vendor about a bug – like you’d have to with proprietary code – or wait for a next release of the software that’s fixed the bug.

OPEN SOURCE CODE CLOSED SOURCE CODE It is purchase with the source code It is purchase without the source code User can install software freely on any computer User should have a license from vendor before installing into the computer User can modify the software User cannot modify the software. User can get open software free of charge User must pay to get the proprietary. No one is responsible if anything happened to the software There is full support from the vendor if anything happens to the software Example:- Linux,GIMP,Open Office,etc Example:- Microsoft Office,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash,etc


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