OPED with orange. Non-matriculate workers in the gulf





        The Ministry of the External Affairs  announced some radical changes in the
passport policy on January  12th.The
colour of the passport  jackets of the Indian
citizen who falls under the category of ECR(emigration Check Required ) will be
replaced with orange. Non-matriculate workers in the gulf countries and Southeast
Asia are the passport holders given ECR. The citizens under non-ECR will
continue to receive the same navy blue coloured passport.

has been established by the MEA to make the passport not gender biased as the
last page which contains the information like father’s name, permanent address
would be discontinued. Especially it will be helpful for the single parents. Another
priority of the scheme is to safeguard the human rights of the Indians working
abroad. Make it more convenient for the immigration and the law enforcement to
differentiate travellers and thus helpful to avoid human trafficking. The rule stipulate
that anyone who has cleared 10th grade and with no criminal record
is entitled to get an ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required). The implementation
of the new passport depends upon the time taken by the Indian Security Press (ISP)
Nasik  to design, manufacture and make it

critics argued that change in the colour coding will lead to the discrimination
against poor and the illiterate workers on the basis of the educational
qualification and economic background. India is the largest exporter of migrant
labour to the world with an estimation of six
million. Indian migrants in the six Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman, many of them trafficked and
exploited. The passport will no longer serve as a valid proof of address
after the MEA decides not to print the last page.Other countries may consider a group of our own citizens as
inferior due to this segregation of different classes.

“Treating India’s migrant
workers like second class citizens is completely unacceptable. This action
demonstrates BJP’s discriminatory mindset,”  the Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

        There are three different
colours of passports prevails in India ,white passport for those travelling abroad for government work, a
maroon passport for those engaged in diplomatic functions under the government
and  navy-blue passport for the ordinary
citizen. Every other nations unlike India  holds passport distinction of their citizens based
on the government and non-government jobs which is Universal phenomenon.


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