Only another language. Learning more than one

Only 7% of college students in America study in foreign languages, but in Asia, almost the entire population learns a different language (Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database). In the United States, languages are a huge thing to learn and they are not important in our daily lives, or is it. Foreigners who come to the Americas don’t understand a lot of the american culture. America’s education system needs to be rebooted due to many other countries having a higher IQ and for others to understand us. One of the main causes of the lack of intelligence is having a hard time in communication with foreigners. To improve our language boundaries, we need to change the education system, compare America to others, and fix what could benefit us. America needs to change their education system to enhance America as one, we need to change the process of graduation so that it requires us to learn more than just two year of another language. Learning more than one language doesn’t just affect our social skills, it also helps perfect your grammar and our understanding of different cultures. America is one of the most popular places in the world but it is hard for natives to understand those out of the U.S. Today only 1-5 college students are enrolled into a foreign language course and 1% of those who are enrolled become a teacher in the language they learned (Steven A. Camarota). English may be the most learned language but it is also the hardest second language to learn. But when it comes to americans learning spanish it is much easier than the opposite way. To be fluent in English it takes 16 years of experience and studying it 12 hours a day (The Atlantic Daily). For a much easier way of communication, America should just spread out to at least one extra language much like Canada. America is not the most perfect place for education, but the United States is the land of the free and for those foreigners escaping their country to study what they believe in America, proving that the U.S. should have a better place to learn things.How America can be benefited by this change is it would eventually the increase of marketing and the decrease of the United State’s debt. Not only would it benefit America, it would also help the American people understand the process of making foreign foods and goods. The U.S. can get a larger customer base if the languages get expanded which also means more tourism (John Rampton). Also if America gets out of debt that could help the American people’s education by increasing their technology.There for, America would benefit by changing their language boundaries as long as we perfect the education system, compare America to see what could be done better, and fix what could benefit us.


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