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Online Data and Privacy: Considerations of Ethical Perspectives Khaled Natouf College of Western IdahoJune 27, 2018AbstractOnline social network becomes contain a prominent and widely personal information and sensitive information with important security and privacy implications. This kind of communities allow very good benefit and some threats for the society and individuals. The kind of information also raised some ethical issues that we have to take them in our consideration. these important issues and opened widely discussion of what is the appropriate ethics we should adopt to facilitate good and secure research for every online social network’s user and be a trade-off between the ethical considerations and social benefit.Keywords: Information age, SNS, Online Communities, Software Personalization, Dissemination information, Sousveillance, Behavior Modification, Surveillance, Memory Hazard, Long-term Availability, Online Data and Privacy: Considerations of Ethical Perspectives In this contemporary era, we’re living in the period of time so-called “information age”, increasingly digitize all our data and information, store them in world wide web to use them in the future, this big technology revolution had taken over the world, has changed our lifestyle, we’ve noticed remarkably how internet had become one of the most life’s necessities for all people, entering every single part in our lives. left-25400Social media such as online communities and social networking sites (SNS) nowadays is in the forefront of this movement. Through this sites and communities lots of our personal information are exposing and sharing momently.

This paradigm shift brings controversies and new ethical and legitimate problems which are fundamentally related to matters like the right of access to personal information and the data in general, the right of privacy which is loom up by the assertion on the free flow of information, and the risks as well as benefits of handling this kind of sensitive information in the SNS and other communities (Rawassizadeh, 2010). Privacy is a preservation and security provision of individuals’ conditions of life and information described by exclusion from publicity. As we seen these growing technologies allows users to enrich content via gathering, arranging, storage, allocation of information in various ways. Sharing these kinds of information has inflame many controversies in our society, some voices has arisen demanding for more of privacy of personal and online data, along with limit the accessibility and manipulation of information and warn us for the risks and threats of sharing this information. Others fights for it that as it could benefit individuals in various paths: education, business, health care and social relations (Britz, 1996).

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By analyzing t0-2109he benefits of sharing life-log information (detailed historical of person’s life encompass large amount of data) could benefit the people of many domains, launching off Software Personalization and how it helps us to facilitate search and information retrieval. Learning social patterns and behavior in orders to help people in many crisis and prepare. Dissemination information can help us in many studies such as health and medical by recorded the life-log information we can monitor the health status of the society. As well as some historical and other kind of studies. Sousveillance means recording activates on behalf of an organization this system could has no hazard if they support by safety, efficiency.

Also, Behavior Modification “Individuals perform better when they are being observed or they are performing the same task in a group (Zimbardo and Leippe 1991).” (Rawassizadeh, 2010).there are some great risks of sharing private information starting off by: Surveillance which is suggested that sharing this kind of information could misuse by many types of organizations which benefit form monitoring social activities, the second important risk is Long-term Availability of personal information as he stated that as the ideology and personality sometimes changes over the time, Memory Hazard by recording all life-log events despite the content, any errors that person might makes will not be forgetting which’s arise big issue because as what Rawassizadeh suggest in her article that ” Exposure of personal mistakes to society might be more harmful them keep them private”. As long with Sealing personal information: any person who share his life-log information could be a victim of stealing of losing them.

(Rawassizadeh, 2010). Philosophical and Ethical Considerations Utilitarianism is forward reasoning and justifies ethical decision, by taking into account, measuring the affection of everyone and looking for the long-term consequences such as Long-term Availability of personal information, and Memory Hazard that harm the people by keeping their errors record will prevent us promote the most happiness and cause kind of overall harm and suffering as what this approach suggest that ” greatest happiness for the greatest number”, Rule Utilitarianism in this case push us increasingly toward excess the privacy of our personal information and limit sharing this kind of sensitive data. (Elovici,2014)By considering the virtue approach, as we’ve discussed earlier that most the affection on the individual can be summed up of loss of dignity and gullibility, as well as a threat to freedom and the right to privacy as what Rosenberg (1994, p. 228) inferred that: “Technology continuous to be viewed as a threat to privacy rather than a possible solution”.

This approach rises up by standing with the legal, ethical and professional principles by increasing the personal information and online data privacy with manner that prevent stealing this kind of information and makes us good people. Concluding, social media and technologies that are dealing with personal information and online data, pose significant inquiries regarding of person’s right to privacy, and this right had connected us to two of the main ethics approach Utilitarianism and virtue as well as some other such as the right of freedom. ReferenceElovici, Y., Fire, M., Herzberg, A., ; Shulman, H. (2014). Ethical Considerations when Employing Fake Identities in Online Social Networks for Research.

 Science ; Engineering Ethics, 20(4), 1027-1043. doi:10.1007/s11948-013-9473-0Rawassizadeh, R.

(2012). Towards sharing life-log information with society. Behaviour ; Information Technology, 31(11), 1057-1067.Rosenberg, R.S.

(1993). Free speech, pornography, sexual harassment, and electronic networks. The Information Society, 9: 285-331.Technology as a Threat to Privacy: Ethical Challenges.

(n.d.). Retrieved from


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