One with the innovation of new technological products.

One of the most important qualities of being a good business leader is the ability to make strategic business decisions that give your organization the edge it requires to rise to the top within its industry. This is a quality Steve Jobs possessed and utilized during his time as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple.

In the mid-nineties, Bill Gates had driven Microsoft to the top of the computer business by deducing that the industry was all about the superiority of the software built into the system. This notion proved to be true for the time being until Steve Jobs’ return to Apple in 1996. Steve Jobs acknowledged the importance of the software component within a computer but, he also saw that an attractive exterior could take the company’s products a step further than that of its competitor’s. By 2001, Apple had reinvented itself as the superior product in the computing industry exclusively through its well-thought-out hardware design. Over the years, Steve Jobs’ involvement in the design process of Apple products increased and he continued to put more emphasis on minute details of the hardware and graphical user interface (GUI) to improve their aesthetic exterior and usability (Appleyard, 2011).Although it is common practice or organizations to carry out a comprehensive inquiry and analysis of customer need to determine the level of interest in a potential new product before the manufacturing stage, this process does not always prove to be effective with the innovation of new technological products. This is due to the fact that consumers do not always have a firm grasp on what they really want, especially when the product in question is yet to be invented.

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given this fact, Steve Job was known to make impetuous business and creative decisions that, although going against obvious consumer preferences, were big contributors to the success of a lot of apple products. An example of these creative decisions include his decision to eliminate the physical keyboard from smartphones thereby making Apple the first company to make capacitive touch technology really work on a phone.


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