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One of the benefits derived from cash waqf is purposeof education. Nowadays, we can see participant from young intellectual Muslimon waqf giving is significantly lacking (Shamsul, 2013). According to thedirector of IIUM Endowment Fund (IEF) said that the contributions of cash waqfamong students were considered none or small in numbers. Among of the factorsis lack of awareness and promoting cash waqf among young Muslim (Shamsul,2013). Besides, young Muslim does not have a clear picture about waqf, which theymisunderstood about the concept of cash waqf.  This can be support with the statement from (NewStraits Times, 2017) which, many people, due totheir lack of understanding of the dynamic aspects of waqf, perceived it as associated mostlywith immovable properties and lands for religious and educational purposes.This misconception had stirred Muslim scholars to introduce a new,innovative waqf model,namely the cash waqf.

SitiMashitoh Mahamood et al. states that there are still some communities that donot understand the concept of modern waqf – that is cash waqf schemes and waqfshares – and still question their permissibility. For example, the IslamicReligious Council of Penang (MAINPP) has to use the name ‘waqf fund’ in placeof ‘waqf share’ to avoid confusion among the public. This study is aimed at the perception young Muslim onimportance of cash waqf in improving ummah welfare.

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