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One’s life sentence is miraculous and is full of pain, sacrifice, forgetting what is staining towards what is ahead, rather than focusing on what tears one’s life down. One tries to concentrate on those things that build them up. This page is to establish how everyone’s life can be described in a short sentence. It also describes how they can get there. For example, if one wants to become a millionaire, one needs to reprogram his/her mind and believe that he/she deserve to become wealthy.Individuals who became millionaires with some of their advice for achieving success of their culture: “Fake it until you make it”. Debts hold people back, buy liabilities, and make those payments forever, spend less than they make, live a modest lifestyle and do not live up to every raise.

Some people spend their wealth for the next ten years, and they have done it on credit. This is a case where, being a millionaire is not encouraged by anyone. However, it is a matter of choices. It is not suggesting one to decorate his/her houses in cosy furniture, fabulous TV and macaroni and cheese every night. Do they actually need to buy a car that is so expensive, that they extend the payments for many years? Many people who choose money over “stuff” would not consider spending it on the most valuable things because they know that their money can be of better use elsewhere. Liability buying would cause them stress since they would rather buy an asset that will appreciate for a long period and help them earn investments. In addition, some savers think that spending a lot of money on vacations is ridiculous. Paring it all down, there are seven steps on how to become wealthy.

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The fact is, being wealthy is not being a “millionaire”. Financial independence is the goal for many people, says Stewart Welch of the Welch group in Birmingham Ala. Develop a wealth plan. Live below your means, lay off the credit, make your money work, start your own business, and get professional advice. This will boost investing money which is a leading way to become a millionaire. That is the point in time when the money from investments is either equal to or greater than what they earn from work.

The statistics show that 95% of the population never achieves financial independence. For 65% of the retirees, social security is their largest source of retirement income. The reason why people do not achieve financial independence is that they do not have any plan, so that is number one rule of becoming wealthy. Saying one wants to become wealthy is not strong enough.

One needs to come up with a written plan. It forces one to do something, calculate what they need to earn and invest. The plan is not just a goal .

It also includes one’s dreams and options in life. It helps one make the right decisions and avoid misuse of money. However, it would be agreeable to say that, anyone can become a millionaire, but the truth is that, anyone who is willing to effect real change in their lives and take serious action towards their goals are going to make it. Being a millionaire lies in the hands of the beholder.


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