One health and safety issues. Users might have

One of the main issues that might causes for the selected design(sip-puff) is health and safety issues.  Users might have healthissue that would affect their health. Moreover breathing problem it consider amajor health issue for those people who are using sip-puff controller.

Inaddition sip-puff controller requires inhaling and exhaling to move thewheelchair. Therefore people who have disease that affect breathing problemthere are not able to use this controller. Many conditions that might user have that would affect breathingdifficulties. One of the conditions is lung condition users who have thiscondition is hard for them to sip and puff especially those who have asthma, emphysema, or pneumonia which lead shortnessof breath. Moreover those who have heart disease such as congestive heartfailure are also suffering from breathing issue because their heart is weak andit can’t pump the blood appropriately to let the oxygenreach the whole body.  There are several conditionsthat might affect user safety when they use power wheelchair because userusually remain seated to their wheelchair during transportation.

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Moreover oneof the common conditions is crash condition. Powered wheelchair can bedangerous for the user when there are front wheels because it might sharp suddenlyby encountering a rock in the street. In addition another serious danger is whenuser use stair climbing wheelchair fall down and that would led serious injuryfor the user and other peoplein the area .Furthermore batteries might be dead at the middle of the streetand that would affect user because there are not able to move their vesicles.  Also sensors might burn or not activated canbe dangerous which might hit an obstacles or the wheelchair get out of controland moving fast. Moreover environment condition can be hazard for power wheelchairsuch as rain or snow because power wheelchairs are design with electricity andthe user can be affected.   


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