One so that students can follow their

One of the virtues of mobile devices is that they make it possible to customize educational content for individual students.

In most nations, teachers deal with classrooms of very diverse students. Pupils come from different backgrounds, have divergent interests, and learn in unique ways. In their individual lives, young people are accustomed to personalized content and instantaneous communications. They seek information around the clock and pursue information that is relevant to their particular interests. Indeed, one of the benefits of mobile devices is their ability to provide personalized digital content 24/7. Content should be ubiquitous and customized so that students can follow their learning passions and figure out where to get answers to basic questions.

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Research in Turkey with 221 university students has found that e-learning was as effective as face-to-face instruction for learning English. A comparison of those who received training through electronic means reported more positive attitudes and equally effective results compared to traditional approaches


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