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One of the significant characters in the Roald Dahl’s’ short story, “Lamb to the Slaughter” is Mary Maloney. Mary Maloney, wife of Patrick Maloney who is a detective, is six months old pregnant and lives a quite mundane life. She is a loyal, loving and caring wife who patiently waits for her husband to return home every night to have a few drinks with her and that becomes the most blissful time of the day for her. However, Mary’s words, actions and how she faces her battles proves that she has a dynamic character and this contributes to the major conflict in the story.
Moreover, Mary’s character develops from enthusiastic, wise and delicate lady to this foolish, frightening and revengeful character. The author describes how she tries to be the best wife as she could be. However, Patrick’s behaviour and the news he had told her completely leaves her in shock which forces her to hit him with a leg of lamb on his head as hard as she could that he died. After the murder, she felt horrified, guilty and regretful. Mary was scared of the challenges ahead of her with her unborn child who is her only loved one left, who she definitely didn’t want to lose and didn’t want any obstacles to occur in the virtuous, innocent child’s life. Correspondingly, she thought that hiding his body would be a big task as she is pregnant and the truth would be revealed easily.


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