One Help smokers smoke less Making smoking illegal

One of the most problematic addictions in the world is smoking, about 1.2 billion cigarettes are smoked each day.

It is taking the lives of 15,500 Australians every year, this includes non-smokers. he inhalation of Tobacco in cigarettes. Pros:- Health BenefitsOne cigarette bud contains about 4,000 deadly chemicals which can enter an individual’s body as poison. All it takes is 60 cigarettes to damage an individual’s lungs, putting them/themselves in danger of diseases. – Saves Money The average cost of cigarettes is 30 – 40 dollars, if smoking were to be illegal an individual could save up to $10,000 a year. – Help smokers smoke lessMaking smoking illegal is not only beneficial for the individual, but for everyone else. Introduction of Cons:Cons:- Personal RightsEvery individual has a freedom to their own health.

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It is personal freedom for individuals to do as they please, as so smoking. – Economic impact – Difficult to implant the law of not selling it everywhereThe impact of implanting the law of banning cigarettes


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