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One of the most popular Second Industrial Revolution inventions was the making of America’s favorite soda, Coca Cola. Coca Cola was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton. John Pemberton was an American pharmacist, who was nicknamed “Doc”. John fought in the Civil War, and by the end of the war he decided he wanted to invent a product that would “give him commercial success.” In the beginning, John was not really good at inventing things. As a pharmacist, he tried to invent many different drugs but none of them made money.

Once he moved, John decided to experiment in the beverage market. The soda fountain was really starting to get popular around that time. In order to make money, John decided he would create a soda-fountain drink. In that time is when Coca Cola was thought of.

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John later died in 1888, so he never saw how big of a company Coca Cola would become. Coca Cola is a soda most people enjoy year round, and for it to work, just open the bottle and take a sip! Even though Coca Cola is a strong business today, it was not like that in the beginning. The beginning of Coca Cola was very rocky and made little money. It was a few years after John died in 1888, that Coca Cola was starting to reach the commercial success that John was dreaming of. Even with great downfall, comes great success. A benefit from having Coca Cola is that with John’s success and smart thinking, billions of Americans to this day look forward to taking a sip of their favorite beverage, Coca Cola.


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