One of the most effective

One of the most effective ways to fill your company with great people is to keep the great ones around. all the organisational knowledge, expertise, and know-how that quality staff bring to workplace. Engage and motivate these high quality human resources and you have a gold mine to tap in to. By engaging and keeping quality staff you can make savings through lower recruit costs which in turn can be ploughed back into staff training, development and motivation, further increasing engagement, performance and productivity.

A company with 75 employees, average salary £45,000, can save £150,000 per year by lowering staff turnover by 5%, in recruitment costs alone. That’s a significant amount to invest in team building, motivating and looking after your people. Invest in your people and they will invest in your business. A company’s ability to manage employee engagement is closely linked to its ability to achieve high performance levels and translate it into profit. Engaged and motivated employees are more likely to stay with the company longer and be a champion of the company and offer increased contribution to the bottom line. So employee engagement is critical to any business that seeks to retain valued employees and increase its level of performance.

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We already know that wages and benefits are important to employees, but direct compensation is only a part of the package required to keep the highly skilled, motivated and experienced workforce that a business needs to succeed. Of the many ways to engage staff training personal development security being appreciated going on teambuilding event leadership development conferences and incentives are commonly quoted by employees as ingredients to their motivation. Therefore, organising professional events including team building, incentive programmes, communication events and development workshops for your employees will impact directly on your employees and business by helping to reduce costly issues such as absenteeism, stress, conflict and staff turnover, whilst increasing engagement, ownership, motivation, trust, loyalty and performance.


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