One The investigation of aerosol-cloud interaction impact on

One of the hot topics in nowadays environmental research is the reduction of uncertainties regarding to climate change factors, a research line which was taken intensively investigated by the scientific community during the last decades.
Despite of the efforts taken to assess the radiative forcing due to direct and indirect aerosol effects (AIE), the results obtained till now give large uncertainty, compared aerosol direct effects (ADE). Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), AR5 assessment, has putted into evidence the high uncertainty of the indirect forcing, which considers aerosol-cloud interaction.
To overcome these challenges, this project aims to improve the today understanding of the aerosol indirect effects. The primary objective of the project is to assess the aerosol-cloud-dynamics interaction under extreme weather conditions, based on the analyses of the variation of their optical properties.
However, while separate studies on aerosol loads, cloud properties and heatwave events have been conducted at selected sites in this region, a unified study of both types of events has not been done so far.
The investigation of aerosol-cloud interaction impact on climate will be assessed taking a novel approach; starting from their feedback on weather conditions, implementing it over the entire European Continent. Adopting cutting-edge techniques from long-term ground and satellite-based observations and model forecasts, results of the highest level of confidence will be retrieved.
This will be the first time the links between the two types of extreme events which pose a risk to human’ health in the EC, heat waves and aerosol pollution, are established in a systematic manner. Thus, the project will give more insights about the links and subsequently feedbacks of aerosol-cloud properties and give important contribution to our understanding of the role of aerosol-cloud interaction on climate change.


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