One Mandela made many sacrifices while fighting

One of the great leaders of all times is Nelson Mandela. During the apartheid the white South Africans were dominant and had all power and wealth. Mandela made many sacrifices while fighting for rights for the black South African’s. He left his family and lived from place to place, running from the authorities. Mandela was arrested in 1962 and his freedom movement idea became known worldwide. Mandela was released from prison in 1990. Later that year black Africans were allowed to vote and Mandela was voted as president of South Africa. He had many plans for equality, but white south Africans believed that he was going to turn the tides the other way and give “blacks” all the authority. Although this was available to Mandela he knew equality was the solution. He managed to join the “blacks” and “whites” of South Africa to make them a nation by using a major sporting event, the Rugby World Cup 1995 in South Africa by working alongside then South African Captain Francois Pienaar, a white South African (Magoon, 2008).


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