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One of Philippine cinema’s most well-loved love teams of all time has reunited for a new McDonald’s television commercial. Which the McDonald’s new commercial didn’t fail to make the viewers “kilig” and everyone is shocked to the new endorsers of this commercial. The McDonald’s commercial comes on the heels of three new Valentine videos by rival fast food chain Jollibee under its now annual #KwentongJollibee campaign. As of posting time, it had amassed over 1.7 million views on Facebook after only eight hours online.

According to Edwin P. Sallan InterAksyon (February 9, 2018, 6:37 PM) About 26 years after they last shared screen time together in Laurice Guillen’s “Tayong Dalawa,” Sharon Cuneta and former husband Gabby Concepcion are back together in a commercial to promote McDonald’s bestselling Chicken McDo and French fries. Everyone know about their on-screen and off-screen love story which they are considered as one of the most sought after “love teams” in the ’80s, Concepcion and Cuneta’s onscreen romance bled into real life, paving the way for their 1984 wedding. A year later, they welcomed their only child, KC, now 32.The commercial opens when Megastar sitting alone and enjoying her Chicken McDo and French fries. Until Gabby Concepcion arrived and Sharon asks, “Do you mind if I join you?” Sharon eyes show some shock and also kilig factor and she replied, “Ikaw naman, parang wala tayong pinagsamahan. This commercial makes more “kilig” because of the “Kumusta Ka” by Nonoy Zuñiga is played in the background. The two then exchange meaningful stares and smiles while no one else in the McDonald’s store seems to notice.

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When they finally engaged in conversation, Gabby tries to wipe the lips of Sharon with a napkin as the camera eventually pans away.Which the commercial really made the viewer’s kilig every time that they glance secretly to each other, especially when they eyes cross together and finally give a sweet smile to each other. Camera technique shows the awkwardness and kilig of each other, that’s really tell that the two of them missed each other so much. Every moves that Sahron and Gabby shown that there is every sinle memories in every corner of McDonald restaurant additionally in there smile and glances to each other that makes really natural and more kilig to the viewers.Commercial also show the real life feeling when to ex-couple or ex-love ones cross again in same spot that they really love to go.

It takes so much awkwardness and memories to be back on. But after this feeling commercial also tells that people really had to grow matured and learn about the past.Commercial end up in sweet glance and laughter that in real life happened.


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