One Marriage serves as an essential institution in

One of the most controversial topics that have beengoing on for decades now is the legalization of same-sex marriage not only inthe Philippines, but also around the world.

A lot of people have becomeemotional and expressive about this. Majority of the countries around the worldhave not acknowledged this kind of marriage. Though there are some countriesthat are supporting and passed a law on legalizing marriage betweenhomosexuals. Same-sex marriage is one of the topics LGBT community, politicians,and religious leaders debate about. Some think that it is an issue about humanrights and not about religious issue.               Marriage is one of the most significant developments in a person’s life.Many people consider marriage as a goal in life because building and having afamily is the most fulfilling role in this world.

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Marriage is the time where inan individual is united to an individual of the opposite sex willingly.Marriage serves as an essential institution in the society. Same sex marriageis where two individuals of the same sex in a marital relationship are givenfull legal rights and responsibility in a specific jurisdiction.                 There is a question that a lot of people are wondering about. Thisquestion is whether why same sex marriage should be legalized? Same sexmarriage supporters and the LGBT community are fighting for their rights. Theywant equality of right especially when it comes to this issue. They want tohave the rights that a legally married couple can experience and enjoy and theprivileges that come with it. Some of these includes inheritance rights, thelevying of tax, access to health coverage of family, hospital visitation, andprotection when it come to relationship ending.

               A lot of researchers pond on this very interesting issue because it hasalways been an informal situation in the society. The fact that homosexualshave always been the center of discussion among genders, they are still notwell accepted and are discriminated in their own living environment. During theGreek and Roman periods, the practice of homosexual marriage has been an issuealready. However, this kind of marriage in not only limited to those countrieswith a minority of jurisdictions who have accepted this. Several countries andstates have already legalized this kind of marriage, including Canada, Italy,Ireland, Norway, South Africa, France, and England. At the present time, thePhilippines has been having issues on whether same sex marriage should belegalized. Philippines is a very conservative and religious country that makesthis issue even more complicated to deal with.

Marriage between heterogeneouscouples is unforgivable because according to the bible “a woman is created fora man and a man is created for a woman”. The legalization of same sex marriagewould destroy the religious image of a Christian country like the Philippines.                The Filipinos are one of the world’s most religious.

A lot of theFilipinos are Catholic and usually family-oriented. Legalizing this kind ofmarriage would break the values of the Filipinos. There is even a surveyconducted by Rappler that shows seventy percent of the Filipino citizens fullyopposes to the legalization of same sex marriage. The fact that the Filipinosdo not accept this kind of marriage, they are not yet ready for this. FatherMarcos Gonzales of St. John Chrysostom, a Roman Catholic parish in Inglewood,California once said, ” The Church says that homosexuals should be treated withlove and respect, but redefining the natural and divine institution of marriageis simply something we are not able to do.” For them, it violates the doctrineof church.  People don’t hatehomosexuals.

As a matter of fact, people love homosexuals but legalizing samesex marriage is totally unacceptable for them. Most people think that gays arefunny. Legalizing same sex marriage is a different issue on the other hand.            So, here is my take on this issue.

I totally have nothing against thisissue. I don’t see any reasons why I won’t accept legalizing same sex marriagehere in the Philippines. A lot of people become sensitive when it comes to thismatter. But, I don’t see why legalizing same sex marriage in the Philippineswould be a problem. Well, for starters, legalizing same sex marriage won’t harmus in anyways. Of course, there would also be benefits from this. Some peopleeven think that we would benefit from this. the country would benefit from thiseconomically because of the increase in the size of the country’s populationand the economic slow down we are experiencing.

Somehow the legalization ofsame sex marriage is advantageous and practical.            Forme, marriage is all about love, support, and respect for your significantother. Marriage is like an evidence of a person’s love to another human being.Marriage is like the starting point when building a family. Marriage is veryimportant for two individuals who love each other may it be individuals withthe same gender.

Gender shouldn’t be a barrier for two people who want to getmarried and love each other. We can’t deny them something that won’t even harmus in anyway. So the question is what is it that we really get from holdingthem back from doing what they want?  Theydeserve that happiness.

It is their right to get married if they want to. 


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