One quite famous for its delicious taste

One can associate the word ‘chocolate’with happy times. From the very beginning, people have always loved to devour chocolateand it has become a prominent item in many occasions. Though there are manycountries across the world producing chocolates, Germany is one of the fewcountries that is popular in terms of chocolates.German chocolates are quitefamous for its delicious taste and fine quality which is vastly credited evenin other parts of the globe. It is considered to be a tough competitor for theworld renowned Swiss and Dutch chocolates. Out of the array, a few famousGerman chocolates are Ritter Sport, Milka, Sarotti, Alpia etc.

These chocolatesare categorized into four different types such as dark chocolate, milkchocolate, white chocolate and couverture or melting chocolate.The roots of producing chocolatescan be linked back to the 17th century, when chocolates were distributed asmedicine or tonic in drugstores. Towards the end of the 19th century, chocolatehas come a long way from being a drug tonic to a luxury good. With thattransformation a huge variety of chocolate products became popular all over theworld.

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German chocolate is actually namedafter Sam German, an American, who created a baking chocolate which is sweetfor the Baker’s Chocolate Company. The beginning of German Chocolate Industrycan be dated back to 1765. 1765 is considered as the first stage of chocolateindustry in Germany.

Prince Wilhelm von der Lippe built the first chocolatefactory in Steinhude, although the term ‘factory’ should not be taken literallyas chocolate was only produced by hand at that particular time. In Portugal, manyworkers were specially hired for this purpose as they had much more experiencein chocolate craftsmanship.At that time, chocolate wasconsidered as luxury good. Hence, the price was on a higher end.  From thereon chocolate was already more orless common in other European countries.

Leipzig was the first confectionwhich manufactured chocolate in 1821 and the confectionery expanded in 1935 toa café where mostly the elite population would gather and adapt the fashion ofthe French, the Italian and the Spanish. The growth and popularity of chocolatesale in many European countries were amplified due to the abolition of theprices on cocoa.Closer to the second half of the19th century, post the German-French-War 1870-1871, the cultivation of sugarbeets replaced the former expensive import of sugar and that led to economicboom as a result of which the chocolate branch expanded at a rapid growth. Bythen the assortment of chocolate products became larger.The current variety of chocolatesare mind-boggling.

From plain milk chocolate to the bitter dark variety infusedwith anything from fruits, herbs, liqueur, nuts, and alcohol, one is simplyspoilt for choice.German chocolates have kept a lowprofile outside its country. One of the primary reason is due to blatant promotionof their neighbouring Swiss chocolates which claim to be the most popular brandwhen it comes to chocolates.

At present, when it comes toGerman chocolate, people usually think of Lindt and all that it stands for —great taste, wonderful shapes, mouthwatering flavors, and elegant packaging.Lindt is easily the foremost brand one can actually think of when the occasiondemands gift someone a box of chocolates. They have the perfect gift for anyoccasion from birthdays to anniversaries.

The small cute bunnies during theseason of Easter season are a favourite worldwide.Also, very minor population knowthat Hachez chocolates has a history of over a hundred years. So the next timeyou enjoy the gummy bears, remember that the recipe of those chocolates is allthe way back from 1890 when the company first came into being. Hachez produce oneof the finest dark chocolates and also organize demonstrations regarding theart of making chocolate.Also, the famous German chocolatecake, owing its name to an English-American chocolate maker named SamuelGerman, developed a preparation of dark baking chocolate which was later usedin the cake recipe.

The baking chocolate is generally used for the chocolateflavor while preparing the cake. The tightfisted form of Germans were plunged lateron which then formed the “German Chocolate Cake” identity giving thefalse impression of a German origin. The recipe is still popular till date andhas been adopted by quite a lot of baking companies.Thus, June 11 is celebrated asNational German Chocolate Cake Day in America to enjoy the flavour of chocolatewhich implies that Germans are the owners of great chocolates even in modernday.


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