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One of the main things required in a large dealership, butalso in small garages, is an organised hierarchy of who does what and who’sresponsible for who. However, there are three levels in the hierarchy of the automobilecompany. There’s the administrative car company level, then there’s theexecutive car company level and finally there’s operational car company level.

In the administrative level, most of the people are senior level executives andsome of them aren’t employees of the company. Next, the executive level, theexperts are middle level professionals and have vital experience relating tothe automotive industry.  Lastly, theoperational level involves most of the things that the apprentices, beginnersand school leavers do when they enter the car company after finishing college,or during college. All of these professions are very different, requiring manydifferent skills, however they are all part of the same industry. The industrywouldn’t be able to run without one of the parts, as the automotive industry islike a complex jigsaw puzzle, without one piece the whole network of thedealership would be complete. Therefore, every profession is required to allowthe garage/dealership to run smoothly.

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One of the main areas in a large dealership is the bodyshop. This is a place where repairs to the bodywork of vehicles are carried out.Another area is the vehicle repair workshop, also known as the automobilerepair shop, and this is a place where repairs on cars, vans and other vehiclesare repaired by mechanics and technicians. Next, there is the paint shop, andthis is where car parts, or even entire cars are painted. Valeting is alsorequired in a large dealership, to make the cars to be sold look clean. Valetingis used to clean the exterior, and in some cases the interior, of vehicles.Then we have the vehicle parts department, and this is where spare parts forvehicles are sold.

However, the garage wouldn’t run at all without the mainoffice. This is the place which deals with important tasks suchas taxes, finance, human resources, and communication. Every dealership alsohave a place for vehicle sales, and this is where vehicles are sold and bought,whether new or old at a negotiable price. Finally, is the reception. This iswhere the customers wait to be dealt with, and where the receptionist sits atthe front desk, also dealing with customer calls.


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