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One area I would like to improve on is learningwhen to ask for help. In high school I was a part of the InvenTeam, a yearlongproject in which I, along with a team of girls worked on building an inventionto present at the Lemelson-MIT EurekaFest. My responsibility on the team was testingthe prototype of the Water Monitoring System with Adjustable Aerator invention,which was made in efforts to help Californians conserve water during thedrought. My first task was to build a portable sink with standard householdfaucet measurements to test the device on and use in demonstrations of theinvention. When it came time to decide what pump to purchase for the sink, Idid a lot of research but was still not quite sure which one was the one Ineeded.

Instead of confirming with the mentor of the team that I had chosen theright pump, for fear that he would think I had not worked hard enough toresearch the pumps, I put in an order request for the one I thought would workbest. When the pump arrived, it turned out that I had ordered the wrong type.After that, as I worked on the sink more and more, I began to learn that askingfor help is a normal part of working on a team. When someone has a higherexpertise in a subject or you are stuck on a problem that would be resolvedfaster by asking a peer or mentor, you should ask. I am always eagerly seekingout projects to work on so that I have opportunities to hone my problem solvingskills. The more I work on different projects, the more I learn about thebalance between asking for help and figuring out different issues on my own, aswell as ways in which to work through difficult problems.



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