*ONE he knows we know. He turns and

                                                       *ONEHUNDRED POEMS FOR*CHILDREN*  Collected by Arliene Wright EVERYDAY POEMS –FOR GIRLS AND BOYS  THE LOVELY WIFE  Will you be my lovely wife,Will you say I do?I’ll buy you the prettiest Sunday dress,And a nice umbrella, too. And you shall have a lovely hat,With an elegant golden  feather,A pair of gloves and sandal shoes,With the softest kind of leather.

 And you shall have a lovely house,A kitten, a  puppy ifyou please,A view of sunsets and daffodils,Gently dancing in the breeze.                          LITTLEBROTHER I am the sister of himAnd he is my brother.He is too little right now For us to talk together All he can say is blah blah blahAnd In between he cries.Every morning I show him my doll and my bookBut he is too liitle to look.And still I am the sister of himAnd he is my brother  ILL BE A CLOWN The circus is coming to townonce more!The circus is coming to town!Therell be tigers in cages, a lion that ragesAnd there’ll be a clown, a clown!There’ll be a clown with a suit of white,Striped in green and purple bright,With a wide, wide grin as laughs each nightA clown to tumble, and grumple and fight,When the circus comes to town!A clown is the nicest man to know!Nicer than candy store men!For a clown falls down, gets up with a frown,And then he falls down again!He’s only pretending to mind it though.

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He isn’t hurt and he knows we know.He turns and winks at us, just to showThat its all in fun! Then he laughs HO ! Ho!The clown is the finest of men.When I’m grown up and when Im grown upI’m going to be a clown!I’ll make folks gay on that wonderful day,When the circus comes to town!You can be a policeman, I don’t care!But there’s a white suit that I’m going to wearYou can pilot a plane in the airBut I’ll have a wig of red, wild hair.

And I’ll be a clown a clown! NEW SHOES When I’m walking down the streetI do so like to watch my feet.Perhaps you have not heard the newsMommy has bought me fine new shoes!When the left one steps I do not speak,I listen to its happy squeek.When the right one moves in perfect strideIt moves so quicklyVery quicklyAnd off I run!!!! GALOSHES Susie’s galoshesMake splishes and splashesAnd sloshes and slushesHopping and stomping in  puddlesof rain They tromp and they stompIn  minature pondsAnd get stuck in the muck and the mud;But Susie likes much best to hearThe slippery slushAs it sloshes and sloshes,All around her galoshes MUDNobody else but the rosebushknows How nice mud feelsBetween the toes.

Mud is very nice to feelAll squishy squashy between the toes!I’d rather wade in wiggly mudThen take a whiff of that yellow rose AT THE SEASIDE When I was down by the seaA little spadel they gave to meTo dig the sandy shore. My holes were empty like a cupIn every hole the sea came up Till it could come no more. EXTREMES A little boy once played so loudThat the thunder upon the thunder cloudSaid, “Since I cant be heard, why, thenI’ll never thunder again!” And a little girl once kept sostillThat she heard a hummingbirdWhisper and say to the ladybird”she’s the stillest child I ever heard.”  STARS At night in bed I like to lieAnd watch the stars up in the sky.

They wink and blink up there so high.I think it would be fun if ICouild be a little bit of lightAnd blink and wink all through the night. TRAINS Over the mountainsOver the plainsOver the riversHere come the trains. Carrying PassengersCarrying MailBringing their precious loads without fail Thousands of freight carsAll rushing onThrough day and darknessThrough dusk and dawn.

 Over the mountainsOver the plainsOver the riversHere come the trains.  TAKING OFF The airplane taxis down thefieldAnd heads into the breeze.It lifts its wheels above the groundSoaring in the sky with easeAnd its just a speck against the sky-And now– its gone!  WHISTLE I want to learn to whistleI’ve always wanted toI fix my mouth to make the soundBut The whistle wont come through I think perhaps its stuck and soI try it once again;A purse my lips like a giant kissA blow the air just so.Nothing came out but airCan people swallow whistles?Where is my whistle then? FIVE YEARS OLD Please, everybody, lookat me!Today I’m five years old, you see!And after this, I won’t be four,Not ever, ever, any more!I won’t be three or two or one,For that was when I’d first begun.

Now I’ll be five awhile,And then I’ll soon be something elseagain. IT’S AHOLIDAY Myhair is brushedAnd very neatMy best black shoes are on my feet.My dress is pressedI look my best.I’m going away,It’s a holiday.  I’MNEVER BORED AT ALL When I lie flat upon the grass and put myface close down,I seeso many, many things all colors green and brownAnd red and black, so many things that goround,And here and there and slow and fastalong the groundForwardsand backward or not fast at allJust a creepy, creepy crawl.

There’s always someyhing moving so Imnever bored at all. AWINDY DAY On awindy day in the country you seeThe wildest dance that could ever be:Tall trees wave and bow and bend,Leaves do a twostep, end over end.Grasses and reed waltz down to the groundBits of thistledown twirl round andround.You,yourself do a wildfunny danceAs the wind mkes your feet spin a livelypranceAndyour wild, funny dance makes you laugh with gleeBecause you’ve so very much company  IM SIXTODAY My Birthday’s in winter when its snowyand cold, and I always build a snowman but he never grows oldForthe sun shines down and snow melts awayTill the snowmans just my size and I’m sixtoday.  IWONDER Acracker is thinA sugar bun fatI wonder why-that should be that. A CAKEEggs,flour, sugar, milkStirred up well smooth as silkPopped in the ovenThere to bakeEaten up fast, that’s a cake. OUTDOORSAND INDOORS Outdoorswhen the windblowsAnd the thunder crashesAnd everythibg showsWhen the lightning flashesIts best to be wise girls and boysAnd stay at home and just hear the noise.

–Indoors  NOONDAY Atnoonday when the sun is highAnd youre lying in a grassy fieldYou look straight up into the skyUsing your hands to make a shieldEverything glowsThe color rose.GALLPINGPONIES Do youknow why I like the skyFull of clouds that the wind can blowBecause you see they look at me Like galloping ponies covered with snow. TINYLADY I met a tiny old lady near my house onefine day,A very timy, very old lady who stopped meto say,”A loverly day! A loverly day! I say ittwice, yes twice I say,For it’s twice as loverly as yesterday” OUT MYWINDOW Do youlive in a city, high high from the groundAnd look out your window-up, down, andaround?Up higher than you is a piece of bluesky,Down lower than you are things whizzingby,All around you are buildings, low andtall,With windows and windows, or a big blankwall.Butjust look across, you’ll see someone whoLooks straight across too, and right backat you. I’M APUPPYOh aship at sea is a wonderful thingAnd sois a bird with a big wide wide wingBut I’m here on the ground and can neverseeWhat a squirrel can see from the top of atree.But Ilike it down here so I think I shall stayFor I’ve a puppy who likes to playFrom early morning till the sun’s high inthe sky,When we go in the house to eat blueberrypie. ANAIRPLANE Theregoes an airplane, racing up highIn big clouds and small clouds that floatin the sky.

I’delike to be up there and look down at the groundAnd pilot that airplane in loops roundand round. PLEASETELL ME WHY! Arethere ever too many apples in a pieOr too may stars in the skyOr too many baby pigs in their styOr too many pine needles on which to lie,Or too many birds flying byOr too many clouds way up high?If you think there are, please tell mewhy WONDERFULSMELLS The world is full of wonderful smells,And you have a nose that always tellsOf bread in the oven  hot and niceOf cake being baked with lots of spiceOf a barn with fresh cut hay in the mowsOfhorses and pigs and cats and cowsOf a dog when he’s warm and lies in thesunOfapple sauce and chocolate and a sugar bunWouldn’t it be dreadful if you had nonose to tellOf every wonderful, wonderful smell? MYOLDEST SHOES I lovemy very oldest shoesTheyre patched and worn and torn.And if I had a chance to chooseI’d wear them still-Perhaps I will! THEDUNCE Whydoes he still keep ticking?Why does his round white faceStare at me over the books and inkAnd mock at my disgrace?Why does that thrush call, Dunce duncedunce!’?Why does that bluebottle buzz?Why does the sun so silent shine-And what do I care if it does? THEWINDOWBehindthe blinds I sit and watchThe people passin-passing by;And not a sing le one can seeMy tiny watching eye.

They cannot see my little roomAll yellowed with the shaded sun;Nor’ll guess when I’m gone. A TREE Onceupon a time         Itried to climb a tree                  Muchbigger than me,                           Muchtaller than I,                                    Bigand tall as the sky  A  BIG OLD BED Haveyou ever slept in a big old bedIn a big old country house?Have you ever been wakened and heard overheadThe pattery, scattery feet of a mouse?Of one mouse, then two, then three andfour,Five, six, seven, then lots lots more-Pattery, scattery little feet on arafter,Squeeks and squeels, that must be morelaughterAs they skip and scamper and softly run,Holding a party that sounds like fun.ON AFARM On a farm you go to bed early at night,And you get up even earlier, long beforeit’s light.Butthat’s really fun because then there’s all the dayTo see everything, do everything, run andplay. GOINGBAREFOOT Goingbarefoot is lots of funWhether it’s raining or theres  sunIf it’s raining and the grass is wetIt tickles your toes, and then you getShaky and shivery.If there’s sun and the grass is dry Thattickles your toes too and bye and byeYoure quaky and quivery                            ANIMAL KINGDOM  MOUSE I waslying still in a field one dayWhen a tiny mouse came out to play.His eyes were brightHis tummy whiteHis ears were neatAnd pink his feetHis fur was brownAnd soft and downAnd his tail was long as he skipped awayAnd I lay still to watch him play. LADYBUG Thelittle red ladybug climbed up the tall stem-upUp, up, up, up to he top then,Pop! Snapped the stemAnd the little red lady bug climbed rightdown again RABBIT Allkinds of rabbits Have different habitsThe little ines jump,The big ones go thump OLDLION Thewise old lion roared out one dayThat he certainly didn’t like the wayEveryone said he was fierce and wildWhen he really was most kind and mild.

He went on to say that he didn’t careThat people all over and everywhereCalled him names that were simply nottrueWhy, he’s never think of eating you.  RAGGEDYCAT One day I met a raggedy cat, He wore a tattered coat and a brimlesshat,His shoes had no toes,He had spots on his nose,His trousers were patched,His face was scratchedHe wore a big bandage on one front paw,And he looked most ferocious for he stuckout his jaw.So I stepped to one side to let him goby,But he stopped me and looked me straightin the eye.”Good Morning ,” he said in the sweetestvoice,”Don’t mind my looks for I haven’t achoice.

I’m an alley cat, and you must knowThat an alley cat is a raggedy cat.” MONKEYAmischievous monkey swung by his tailAnd held a pink umbrella over his head,Whilst he filled to the brim a little redpailAnd chattered and laughed and finallysaid,”Oh, I have a pail full of wonderfulstuff—Dates, figs, pennies, nuts, and a softseal muff—And I’ll give them to you if you’ll justclimb this tree.And hang by your tail and swing with me. PORPOISE There once was a porpoise,A finefunny fish. Who said, “Do let us, all of us Eat from a dish. So we and the porpoise Sat down at the tableAnd ate up everything-or all we wereable. I LIKE I like puppies for they’re lots of fun.I like kittens that play and run.

I like boats that sail out to sea.I like airplanes that go high as can be.I like elephants grey and tall.I like baby lions soft and small.I like big tigers that snarl and roar.But I like boys and girls much, muchmore. POLAR BEAR A little white polar bearSat on the iceAnd said to himself, “It would be so niceTo go floating awayAnd find someone who’d say,”I’d like to playWith bear on ice,It would be so nice. We’d play with aball.

That’s the most fun of all.” CAMEL A camel sat down on a dainty gilt chair,I really don’t know how he came to bethere,But I think he just wanted to join in thefunOf drinking hot cocoa and eating a bun. KITTEN”S SHADOW My kitten met his shadow on the floor.

His growl was like a small lion’s roarAs he mumped and pounced, then ran tohide,With his fur on end and his eyes openwide.He wiggled and waggled and he jumps oncemore.And his shadow met him again on thefloor.

 WORM I’d like to be a wormAnd squirm In nice soft dirt,And not have to worry Or ever be sorryOf getting mud on my nice clean shirt. THE TOAD AND FLY A thin little toad and big fat flyLooked at eachother eye to eye.”I’ll catch you and eat you, ” the thintoad said.”No you won’t ,” said the fly and flewover his head. GOAT Did you ever pat a baby goatAnd learn how soft he feels?Did you ever watch him walk aboutOn his four little black high heels? DUCKS It’s lots and lots of fun I think,To watch a small duck take a drinkFor he swims along like a boat in a sailThen suddenly, There’s just his tail.

 SQUIRREL I went to the park one day to play,The politest one there, I really must sayWas a grey furry squirrel who came overto seeIf I’d brought any peanuts along with me.He didnt cry or beg or scamper or dartBut politely said with one paw on his heartAs if to ask, “Please, please, may I noteat.Just one of your peanuts, it would besuch a treat.” CATERPILLARA fuzzy fuzzy caterpillar sat down torest.He took off his coat and unbuttoned hisvest.He unlaced his shoes and wriggled histoes,And took out his handkerchief and dabbedat his nose.He sighed a deep sigh and took off hiscap,And stretched out comfortably and had anice nap.BEARSLots of times bears         Comein pairs                  It’stwice as much fun                           Towatch two bears as one.

 KITTENSBaby kittens are soft as silkAnd like to play and drink their milk. TURTLES I think turtles are funny things,They have everything but wings,On top there’s a shell,Underneath as wellThey’re round like eggsThey’ve four short legsA pointed tail and a hard square head.And when its time to go to bedThey just pullIn these things and tuck them in tightAnd have pleasant dreams all through thenight.

 WOODCHUCK In a field one day I found a big holeIt was far too deep for a rabbit or moleSo I got right down and looked way insideWhat I found down there made my eyes openwideFor a fine fury woodchuck looked  back at meAnd whistled and whistled and came out toseeJust what I wanted and why. Then he said,Really, how thoughtless to get sleepypeople out of bed.    CHIPMUNK One cool autumn evening I heard achipmunk say,”I’m tired, Ive been storing nuts allday.But now I’ve enough to last me tillspring,I’m tired, so I’ll just lie down in myswing.” BEAVER A sad fat beaver sat down on his bedAnd sadly shook his little head.”I wonder if it really pays, to work sohard for days and days,To build a lovely house like mineWith windows just so clean they shine,And pretty rugs upon my floor,And a big brass bell beside my door.

Which no one ever rings to say,”Good Morning Beaver, are you well today?But as the beaver shed a tear,He stopped, a noise came to his ear.It was his doorbell ringing clear.So he smoother his tail and dried histear,And ran to see who was at his door.Perhaps one guest, maybe more.He threw open his door and outside hishouse,Stood a beautiful, well-dressed smallfield mouse.

“Good morning Beaver, are you well today?””Thank you,” cried the Beaver, “Indeed, Imust say, Ive never felt better. Have you come to stay?””If I may, if I’m not in the way,” saidthe little mouse.As he peeped in the house.”do please, come into the parlor and havesome tea,”And if you wish, “said the Beaver, “stay and live with me.”That is just what happened, and now inthe houseLived a fat happy beaver and a happiermouse.   KATYDID Your coat is blueYour hat is too,I think that’s silly but I’m not sure youdo.

Green is my color from head to toe, For I’m a katydid if you must know. BUNNY A baby bunny issweet and funny COLT A new little colt is awfully sweet,He has four long legs and four short feetAnd a small round body with soft, softhairAnd his brown eyes and ears up in the airAnd a nose like smooth velevet and softlittle neighAs he kicks up his heals and prancesaway/ KITTENS Two little kittens side by side,One seemed to smile, the other criedI asked myself why, but I couldn’t decideUnless both could have smiled but onlyone tried..     


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