On American actress Megan Markle. “Country” conducted a

On whom married Prince Harry. All that is known about Megan Markle The royal family has left out some biographical facts about the life of the actress. On Saturday, May 19, the main public event of the year in Great Britain took place at Windsor Castle – the wedding of 33-year-old Prince Harry, sixth on the list of heirs to the British throne, and 36-year-old American actress Megan Markle. “Country” conducted a live broadcast from the celebration and tracked this festive event. After the event, as expected, the site of the royal family was updated and a biography of the new Duchess of Sussex was posted.

As replyua.net informs, the royal family decided to brazenly change the biography of Mark to raise her status in the public eye. In particular, the site reported that Megan – it’s almost the same as Mother Teresa. It is mentioned that she was engaged in charity since childhood, working in the kitchen and preparing food for the poor. In addition, the royal family recalled the volunteer activities of Mark, but at the same time forgot to mention the role in the movie and questionable photos from social networks. Recall that the Internet is a short video, in which the wife of the grandson of the Queen of Great Britain is topless. “You know, there is such a misconception, if I worked in the entertainment industry, I can easily take all this excitement.

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” I was in Force Majeure for six years, worked in the cinema before that, but I was never part of the tabloid culture. Always lived a relatively calm life, focusing on work, and suddenly ..

. I think we were so immediately hit so hard by so many false gossip that at some point I decided not to read anything about myself at all – neither good nor bad, “said then Megan told reporters. However, the biography reports that Mark was feeding the poor in the breaks between surveys. In the biography there are no references to films with her participation, about her former personal life – she was married, and besides, older than Harry for three years, Megan Markle married September 10, 2011 the film director Trevor Engelson, whom she met since 2004.

But this marriage did not last long – in August 2013 the couple issued a divorce. But it seems that Engelson is not ready to forget Markle. In September last year, he said that he was shooting a comedy about a girl who leaves her husband for the sake of romance with the prince. In November 2016, Mark refused financial support from the former spouse. At the same time, the Kensington Palace confirmed the information that Markle for several months is in a relationship with Prince Harry. The most popular actress was the role in the television series “Force Majeure” (Suits), in which she began to withdraw after moving to Toronto.

But for the sake of Prince Megan abandoned the career of the actress Many Britons were outraged by the fact that neither Prince Harry nor Markle, who is half African American, did not give up the titles given to them by Queen Elizabeth II. However, the British are already gossiping that Prince Harry is a half-breed, and his father is not Prince Charles, but the groom James, who allegedly was the lover of Princess Diana. The closest friends of Megan Markle call her the second princess Diana. It turns out that although she lived in the US, since childhood she was a fan of the British royal family. And especially dreamed of being like Princess Diana – the mother of her future husband.

Such details from the life of Megan Markle became known thanks to the British journalist and biographer Andrew Morton. It was he who in 1997 was the author of a famous book about Princess Diana – “Diana. True History”. Now he is preparing for the release of a new book, “Megan: Hollywood Princess”, where he collected evidence of relatives and friends of the wife of Prince Harry.

Excerpts from the biography of Markle have already published several British publications “She was fascinated by Princess Diana and saw her as a role model, she definitely wants to become a Diana of sample 2.0,” says one passage. Stunned, by the way, and former friends of the royal bride. Like, Megan Markle was always friends only with the right people. “All I can say is that Megan is very aware of the choice of surroundings, and once she decides that you are no longer part of her life, she will treat you very coldly,” said one of Mark’s ex-friends to the tabloids


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