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On December 5, 1872, the ship Marie Celeste was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean in perfect condition – but without any sign of life on board. The Mary Celeste was a ship that set sail from New York harbor on its way to Genoa, Italy. On board were the ship’s captain, Benjamin S. Briggs, his wife Sarah, and their two year old daughter Sophia, along with eight crew members. Less than a month later, on December 5, 1872 the ship was found unharmed in the ocean. The evidence strongly suggests that the passengers were forced to evacuate the Mary Celeste for fear of sinking and boarded a lifeboat attached to the ship which detached and drifted into the sea.My first piece of evidence to prove my claim is that there was no signs of damage. When the Mary Celeste was found they did a thorough search around the boat and “Aside from several feet of water in the hold and a missing lifeboat, the ship was undamaged and loaded with six months’ worth of food and water.” This means that the crewmembers of the Mary Celeste left the ship intentionally. Since there were several feet of water found on the boat, Mr Briggs might have thought that the boat was sinking and demanded everyone to abandon ship. A captain only abandons ship when he think that boat is going to sink. All the evidence above proves that the captain demanded the crewmembers to abandon ship to be true.Secondly, a lifeboat was missing. During the search they also realized that “the only lifeboat, was missing.” There are many possibilities of why the lifeboat could be missing, but the only reasonable explanation is that the crewmembers climbed into the lifeboat to abandon ship, because of a false sinking and was left drifting into sea. A rope was also found tied to the back of the Mary Celeste with a frayed end dangling in the water some many meters behind the ship. This proves that the rope that was tied to the lifeboat, carrying everyone one board, broke leaving them to drift into the big blue sea.My final piece of evidence to prove my claim is that broken pumps was found on the Mary Celeste. When they searched the Mary Celeste they realized that one of the ships pumps was missing. Broken pumps can cause a lot of issues to the boat, including having the boat to sink. The pumps could have been the reason to the several feet of water found on the boat. When the Mr Briggs found several feet of water on deck, he must have assumed that the boat was sinking. The broken pump might be the reason why the crewmembers of the Mary Celeste have gone missing. Although people believe that Mr Briggs demanded everyone to evacuate the boat because of false sinking some people believe in other theories. One popular theory that people believe is that the crewmembers of the Mary Celeste were kidnapped by South African pirates. Mutiny was suggested, but the fact that the ship was over 600 miles from land casts doubt that the crew would mutiny so far off mainland and take the lifeboat rather than the much more valuable Mary Celeste. There was also no signs of violence or missing cargo, casting doubt on claims of mutiny, murder, and piracy. In addition, there was no evidence to support this claim apart from a sword that was unclaimed but even though a sword was found, doesn’t mean that it was a pirates. This disproves the theory of pirates and proves that my theory is a more reasonable theory.After examining the evidence, it is clear that the passengers of the Mary Celeste were forced to evacuate for fear of sinking and board a lifeboat attached to the ship. It is the only plausible explanation for what happened to the Mary Celeste. The missing lifeboat, the detached rope, and the broken pumps are all telling evidence. On December 5. 1872, the Mary Celeste was found, but her passengers were still missing. We can guess what happened to the ship based on evidence, but we may never know the final fate of those eleven people once they drifted away.


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