On born. His father, Isaac Newton Sr.

             OnJanuary 4, 1643 Isaac Newton was born.

His father, Isaac Newton Sr. died beforeIsaac was born. His mother, Hannah Ayscough left Newton with his grandma whenhe was born. Hannah got remarried to Barnabas Smith. When Smith died his mothercame back with her and Smith’s three children. Newton attended King’s School inGrantham till age twelve.

At age twelve his mother took him out of preliminaryschool to teach him the farming life. Isaac was not interested in farming, hejust wanted to study math and science. So, Newton continued to self teachhimself. His mother then reenrolled him in school.

He was interested in thefields of advanced science, mathematics, physics, optics, and astronomy.             Heattended college at Trinity College in Cambridge. He was unable to pay collegetuition due to financial troubles. So, Newton was classified as “sizar.” Asizar is someone who is unable to pay for tuition so he or she works for thecollege in order to pay off their tuition. He often spent his free time readingphilosopher’s books. Unfortunately a disease called the plague hit Trinity.This contagious disease led the college to shut down.

Although he could notattend college, Newton still studied privately. Newton helped advance all fieldshe studied.             Hiscontributes to science included; drawing tangents to a curve, resolvingproblems of curvatures, discovered Generalized Binomial Theorem, Newton’sIdentities, and Newton’s Laws of Motion. During college he began to study lightrefraction of prisms. He concluded that light was composed of particles. Thebinomial Theorem is the expansion of the powers of a binomial.

Newton’s Laws ofMotion include; an object at rest will stay at rest unless an outside forceacts on it, force is equal to mass times acceleration, and lastly for everyaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.             Newtonhad many accomplishments in his career. In 1672, he published “opticks,” whichwas his work on lights. Then, in 1687 he wrote another book called “Princip,”which was about his theory on mechanics and gravitation. While doing studiesand as he began to publish his work he was accused of plagiarism.

Isaac Newtoninvented the reflecting telescope in 1668. Newton was later found not guilty.Isaac was found on banknotes in England for about ten years. He appeared on thebanknotes holding a book, telescope, prism, and the map of the solar system. Presidentfor the Royal Society in 1703. There is also a statue of Newton at theUniversity Museum of Natural History in Oxford.

            IsaacNewton’s was a very accomplished scientist, but he lacked confidence and hadmany insecurities. He suffered from depression. Newton lived with his niece andhusband in Winchester England. He received fame and money from his scientificadvancements and achievements. Newton had abdominal pain and decided to sleep,but unfortunately never woke up. Isaac Newton passed on March 31, 1727. Sources: “Figure 2f from: Irimia R,Gottschling M (2016) Taxonomic revision of Rochefortia Sw.

(Ehretiaceae,Boraginales). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7720.https://Doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.4.e7720.” doi:10.3897/bdj.4.e7720.figure2f.


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