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On October 28, 2018, just a while ago, there was a mass shooting in a synagouge resulting in eleven causulties, and six injured. The truth is, this is not the only shooting that has happened in this year- in fact, even this month. This world is facing this problem of gun violence more and more frequently as people have the ability to own guns now more than ever before. According to the gun violence archive, there had been 297 shooting from just the first of January 2018 to October 28th. From this, we can see that gun violence is a serious problem. In order to solve this problem and danger to our society, I believe that for an Amerian citizen to own a gun, there should be stricter regulations or they should be banned altogether.
Banning guns- or making it harder for people to get guns- will inevidently cause the gun deaths to decrease. According to Chris Weller, who wrote an article for Business Insider, “Japan, which has strict laws for obtaining firearms, seldom has more than 10 shooting deaths a year in a population of 127 million people.” This is an astonishing amount compared to the number of shootings that happen in the US. These strict rules show that they do a lot to reduce the number of deaths in the US. According to the same article, ” Gunpolicy.org estimates that in 2010 there were 3.78 guns per 100 people in the UK, while the US, meanwhile is estimated, to have 101 guns per 100 people. The result has been roughly 50 to 60 deaths a year in England and Wales who have a population of 56 million.” With less guns in the way, fewer people will get killed and cause an overall safer America, the land that we love.


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