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On July 18, 1804, an article entitled “A Correction” showed up in the New York Evening Post, which reads: “It is concurred by the refined men who went to General Hamilton and Colonel Burr in the late sad undertaking, that the archive No. 13, in the announcement which showed up in the Morning Chronicle of yesterday, ought to be adjusted in an accompanying way. The New York Morning Annual scattered this article on July 19, 1804. This sentence at first read: “… ?and? the gathering of Genl Hamilton who rapidly fell.

… ” “in every practical sense,” which was substituted for “who,” is in the penmanship of Pendleton, Hamilton’s second. These two sentences, which were revived, at first analyzed: “Col: Burr by then progressed toward the chivalrous individual with a declaration of stress all finished and flags, however, was seized by his Second with a view as has been in this way imparted to keep his being seen by the Specialist and Bargemen who were then drawing nearer.” A part of the developments is in Pendleton’s penmanship. This sentence was re-evaluated by Pendleton. Van Ness at first imparted: “We envision it sensible to join that the director of the two social gatherings was consummately right and fundamental.” On July 18, 1804, Burr stayed in contact with Charles Biddle.  In this letter, he emphasized that the good ‘ol fashioned culmination was yielded by Hamilton’s supplement on taking his glasses from his pocket and setting them on his nose (copy, New York State Authentic Affiliation, Cooperstown, New York).

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In an undated letter, Burr asked for that Van Ness clear up in detail the duel to Biddle and to push the way that Hamilton’s decision to use his glasses had put off the duel (AL, New-York Verifiable Society, New York City). In an undated letter that was clearly sent to Biddle, Van Ness formed: “After the significant pre-approaches up to this time clear, had been made—the get-togethers had taken their stations, and got their firearms orchestrated (Mr. Hamilton’s being a strikingly high-finished cement, of a colossal bore passing on, I should judge, essentially an ounce ball).

After the technique for proceeding had been cleared up and Mr. Pendleton would give the word, ‘Stop’, said Mr. Hamilton, ‘ particular states of the light one requires glasses.’ He by then leveled his weapon in a few headings, correspondingly as to attempt the light; by then drew from his pockets and put on, a couple of scenes, and again leveled his firearm in different ways. besides, once, as appeared to me, at Mr. Burr who was this time calm at his station. After the last examinations of the light, and pushing toward quittance for the yield Genl.

H. discussed, proceeding with his shows, ‘this will do; now you may proceed.’ “The Man of his promise whose dedication it was to give the word by then asked the social affairs whether they were readied?— which being offered an explanation to in the positive, the word ‘show up’ was given; on which the two get-togethers showed up, and Genl. H. surrender.

Following two or three depictions of time Coll. B. surrender; and quickly Genl.

Hamilton fell. Mr. B quickly drew nearer, however, Mr. P. by then got out uproariously for Doctor. Hossack; and hearing the Doctor. defeating the thorns, I requested the validness from his (Mr. B’s) repairing in a brief instant to the payload boat: he is like way surrendered and I soon tailed him.

When I got together at the loaded vessel I discovered Coll B. in the appearing of twisting from it, and as I progressed toward he said ‘I should go and address him.’ I watched that it would be unmistakably incautious, as Genl.

H. was then included by the specialist and bargemen by whom he (Mr. Burr) should not be seen; but rather that in the event that he would remain I would go and see the General once more, which I did; and on my path requested the bargemen to continue with rapidly to the city. “On the explanation for the head completing, paying little notice to the course that as I should need to consider no result, I am so hopeless as to transform from the companion of Genl.

H.:— and without investigating the validity of his choice, I can securely report that I can not imagine the scarcest ground to ask about reality as above allowed; and I was never more without question of any issue subject to the examination of my advantages. In the event that any shortcoming had even existed, it would have been cleared by the running with conditions: first. At whatever point Genl.

H. finished I saw a compartment or slight progress in Mr. B’s body, from which I remembered he was struck; yet watching him in a brief moment a while later standing firm on his station—I finished the naughtiness couldn’t be absolutely true blue: Under the impression as of not long ago, regardless, that he was hurt, when I had an open passage I enquired where he was struck?— and following to revealing to him the reason of my impression, he showed to me that his foot had got upon a stone or bit of wood which gave him torment and had sprained his ankle.


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