On a ticket for the Bigbang concert called

On December 12th, Lexi, Mary and I went to an exhibition called “I want to be a rich bum (?, ?? ??? ????)” that held in Gangnam station. This exhibition was for students and adults who were stressed out at their daily lives. They displayed several digital paintings that created a bond of sympathy between the customers.

While I was appreciating the sentences and the drawings on the wall I realized that it also represented my feelings toward life. For example, there was an installation artwork representing the shortness of youth.The artist of this exhibition hung acrylic plates on the sealing and wrote youth to visualize the meaning of the artwork.

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However, the most interesting artwork for me was the digital painting that represented ticket. As going to a concert is my favorite thing to do, getting a ticket for the concert is the most challenging part. This painting visualized a scene that we can see when try to get a ticket in interpark. Although there were lots of interesting paintings on the wall, this painting was the most attractive to me. I think the artist used photoshop to capture the scenes on the actual website and created a collage by using the pop-up window. When I first saw this artwork, it reminded me about the Bigbang concert. Two month ago, I tried to get a ticket for the Bigbang concert called the “Last dance.

” Because of the high competitive edge, I was not able to get the ticket and just saw tons of pop-up window that said “this seat is already taken.” Also, there was an sentence on the wall said “I just want to be a millionaire but not working.” As this artwork is black and white it helps people to actually focus on the main idea of this digital painting. In my opinion, because of the various colors inside the modern art unables the viewer to fully understand the message of the painting. In modern art, the artist gives a lot of information that we have to infer on our own. Due to this method, many of the messages are actually lost during this interpretation. So I think the artist tired to make this artwork self explanatory to deliver the whole message without any miscommunication.

Secondly, I think the artist used the traditional font that we can see in daily bases. In my opinion, the artist used this daily font that we can see it in newspapers or websites to show that this sentence is a common sentence for everyone. Therefore, i enjoyed the meaning and the color of this artwork. This artwork influenced own artwork because this artwork showed me that a piece of painting can be simple while having a lot of meaning. Before, looking at this artwork, I thought inforder to create a artwork I needed to feel out the whole paper. However, I realized that simple drawings have its own meaning.In conclusion, this exhibition had some interesting paintings and had a calming mood that helped relax and enjoy the exhibition.


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