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Oluwayemi OlususiProfessor BallardHist 130128 August 2018Cortez and the AztecHernán Cortés was a Spanish vanquisher, best known for overcoming the Aztec realm in 1521 and claiming Mexico for Spain. He made a difference colonizing Cuba and got to be a senator of Modern Spain. Cortés was born in 1485 in Medellin, Spain. He was the only respectful child , in spite of the fact that his parents were not even that wealthy. At the age of 14, Cortés was sent to ponder law at the College of Salamanca, but he was anxious and troubled. He conquered Aztec in August 13, 1521.

The Spanish Campaign started in February 1519, and was pronounced victorious on August 12, 1521, when a fusion armed force of Spanish powers and local Tlaxcalan warriors led by Hernán Cortés and Xioctencatl the youngest captured the head of Cuauhtemoc and Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire.Who were the Aztec and why did Hernán Cortés conquer the Aztec Empire ? The Aztec were a prosperous and high-powered nation in the New World. They had various types of ethnicity and exceptionally spread out . Their heritage was ran by cleric ( which was called theocracy) and they were committed to a God that was half serpent, half bird which was called Quetzalcoatl.

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They were located in modern day Mexico City that was called Tenochtitlan before. Hernán Cortés wanted to conquer the Aztec Empire to gain wealth and power in the New World and be known by the crown ( Ferdinand and Isabella). It was so easy for Cortes and his men to conquer the mighty Aztec Empire in 3 ways which were the horses, weapons , and disease. Native Americans did not have horses but horses had long been used in wars in Europe. The horse gave the proprietor a clear advantage in chasing down a retreating enemy. The Spanish people had powerful weapons and swords against the bolts and stone-bladed swords of the Local Americans .

Something which was frequently disregarded is the truth that the Spanish made utilize of Tribal or National rivalries existing between the Aztec and Inca, who were in control in pre-Columbian times and those groups had prevailed or undermined. Last but not the least the disease, the crossing point of a few highly infectious illnesses served to weaken not as it were the Aztec but numerous other local populaces all through Mexico and the two western landmasses. Besides, once Cortés had surrounded and cut of the Aztec Capital from nourishment, these infectious served to rush the vanquish of its individuals. At last, due to starvation and illness , the radiant Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan surrendered. In conclusion, after Cortés victory in Aztec , he returned to Mexico , presently known as Modern Spain and found the country in chaos. After establishing a few arrangements, he resigned to his domain which is south of Mexico City and sent out oceanic endeavors from the Pacific coast.

In 1540, he later returned to Spain and was dismissed by the court and later passed away in 1547.o ponder law at the College of Salamanca, but he was anxious and troubled.Cortés was born in 1485 in Medellín, Spain. He was the as it were child of respectable, in spite of the fact that not well off, guardians. At age 14, Cortés was sent to ponder law at the College of Salamanca, but he was anxious and troubled.


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