Oltjana three achievement tests to do. The test

Oltjana Molishtari ESL 169Paragraph Response #1Chap.

2, P. 20, # 102/14/2018 Stress is a very worrisome phenomenon for students today. It is considered as a process by which a person perceives and responds to what he considers to be challenging or intimidating. One of the most common kinds of stress that college’s students have is the test anxiety. This kind of stress I had before every test that I did at my past time in school. But, the only time when I felt this issue was before seven years when I was on last year at high school.

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I had three achievement tests to do. The test consisted to find out how much I had learned for four years from three more important subjects (math, economy, and literature). These tests were very important because they have determined the continuation of my studies at university. I was fine with two firsts (math and economy), my anxiety started before literature exam. I had tried hard and studied all books in the pre-exam phase. However, I did not manage the anxiety during the exam time.

The Point that I took were fifty percent of what I should have taken to get to the field that I wanted. All this happened because I was nervous and anxious at the time that I was doing the test. I was feeling difficulty in concentrating, headache, tired face, frequent heartbeat, forgot the knowledge I had learned, with simple words, I was blocked and failed to do even half of the questions that was in that test.

If I would have had the possibility to control symptoms of anxiety I would have had the opportunity to study in the field that I wanted. After this experience, I sought advice from a specialized counselor. The psychologist mentioned that people can manage the anxiety very well if they eating well and regularly, sleeping enough, and walking to relieve bad energy. The assistance was really valuable for me because it really helps me to manage the anxiety during the other tests at the university.


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