OIl debree, a distinct odour similar to emissions

OIl spills impact animals in a vast majority of ways, the natural environment of an inhabitant of the ocean for an example can be impacted by the oil consuming the area. Oil being superbly thick and viscous it can possibly get stuck on the gills of fish causing the stopping of breathing and for birds it can possibly get on their wings and then stopping the birds from flying.

For animals that have fur it cease them from keeping themselves warm furthermore causing hypothermia.Oil spills have a plethora of effects on many things. After the BP Gulf oil explosions tourism to the Gulf area had abruptly stopped. An area affected  by an oil spill isn’t as attractive as it used to be.

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There would be debree, a distinct odour similar to emissions from cars would also be present. After the spill 65 newborn or stilborn dolphins were washed up on shore. The rarest of turtles were killed from the oil.

The economy would take a huge hit as well because the clean up after an oil spill can cost up to billions if it is on a larger scale. Also as I mentioned earlier, an abrupt stop in tourism can also stop the economy from going. A similar debate is happening in which either Lofoten,an tourist attraction should have oil reserves as there is the possibility that it can make the pace less attractive and move tourists away from the destination.Only 15 countries give out 75 percent of the worlds oil supply and hold 93 percent of reserves. Fossil fuels are the main energy source for many places.

Oil being a fossil fuel that is in high demand it can bring in a great amount of money for governments and economies. Well because of this many economys do relies on oil, and when an oil spill occurs it can be disastrous due to the lack of tourism and the clean up of the oil after. Oil spills are not only in the ocean, an oil spill can occur anywhere. The keystone pipeline had recently spilled 200,000 gallons of oil in south dakota. Radioactive waste is being thrown into lakes and rivers for the clean up. Wherever there is a oil spill there is a disaster.When oil comes in contact with a person the skin can become irritated and the chemicals could be absorbed into your body.

The chemicals and dispersants used to fight against the oils can be inhaled making you sick. You could also drink the infected water or eat a animal that has been affected by the oil. The brain after an oil spills takes a toll too, after the BP oil spill, Areas near the Gulf the domestic crime rate had increased and divorces,breakups and etc became more freqent.

Depressive illnesses had increased by 25 percent 3 months after the rig exploding after 2,600 people were surveyed.Big fishing industries took big hits to from the BP oil spill. Scientist had found orange globules in oyster and shrimp that are believed to be part of the dispersant to break up the oil.86,985 square miles or 36 percent of federal waters were closed to fishing due to the possible contamination of fish. The BP oil disaster had cost the commercial fishing industry plenty, total cost totalling to $94.7 million to 1.6 billion in under the first 8 months of the incident and up to 9,315 jobs were lost due to the fact that there’s no where to fish that h


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