Official child slavery) 2) Child labour inspection has

Official name: Republic of Chad Flag:Demographics:Populations: 14,939,684 (28% Sara, 12%Arab, 11% Daza, 10% Mayo-Kebbi, 39%Others)Official Languages: French, StandardArabicReligion: Muslim 52.

1%, Protestant 23.9%,Catholic 20%, animist 0.3%, other Christian0.2%, none 2.8%, unspecified 0.7%GovernmentPresident: Idriss DébyPrime Minister: Albert Pahimi PadackéType of Government: Presidential systemLegislative powers: Government of ChadExecutive powers: Government andParliament of ChadEconomics:Main contributor: Oil (60% of exportrevenue) and agricultureLess developed countriesMajor Exports: Crude Petroleum ($1.9B),Raw Cotton ($32.

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3M), Insect Resins($29.3M), Refined Petroleum ($28.6M) andOther Oily Seeds ($21.6M)Major Imports: Packaged Medicaments($38.

4M), Refined Petroleum ($31.9M),Tractors ($23.3M), Soap ($21.4M) andTelephones ($20.6M).

Major Export Partners: United States(80%), China (7%), France (6%)Infrastructure:Communication: Lowest density oftelephones, televisions, and Internet users (1television set per 1,000 people; only 1television station that is run by the state)Transport: Most of Chad’s roads areunpaved that can become impassable whenraining season and make some regionsinaccessible.Sanitation: Very little access to potable water(17,000 cases of cholera, 459 deaths in 2011alone)CultureSports: Swimming (Famous swimmers likeNag D’garom, Dja’Gomba Yader and BodjDagank), boxing (Famous professionalboxers include Yabed Yabed, CesarM’Dalangue, Jules Djerabe and EzechielJaphet)Unique Trait: A wide range race andreligion,Attitude to the Arts: General appreciationof art, preserved largely for tourism valueGeographyLocation: EquatorialImportant Neighbours: Niger, Libya,Sudan, Central African RepublicUnique Geography: Landlocked, in themiddle of the Sahara Dessert3 Relevant Points for Topic 11) Human trafficking is very serious andprevalent in Chad (e.g.

child slavery)2) Child labour inspection has limitedsuccess due to lack of funding andsupport3) Existing laws in Chad do not specificallyprohibit child labour3 Relevant Points for Topic 21) Mainly relies on food aid with prevalentmalnutrition and food insecurities2) Thieves and bandits loot given aids,especially in Eastern Chad and Darfur3) Aid given is not always sustainable. Theaid allows Chadians to survive until theycan start making a profit from their cropsagain, but does not really help witheconomic growth or development.


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