Of have vanished under mysterious circumstances.There are certain

Of the many places on Earth there is one such place calledthe Bermuda triangle which has got the attention of many researchers around theworld due to a certain phenomenon occurring here. Throughout history manytheories have come about regarding this region. The main reason why researcheshave been investigating about this region is that many ships and planes have travelledthrough this region and disappeared here under mysterious circumstances. Tilldate nobody has been able to find out the reason for such mysteriousdisappearances.

The Bermuda triangle is about 500,000 square miles of ocean offthe southernmost tip off Florida.The legend of the Bermuda triangle is that itis a fabled part of the Atlantic Ocean and is bounded by Puerto Rico, Bermudaand Miami. In this region a large number of airplanes and ships have vanishedunder mysterious circumstances.There  arecertain unexplained conditions surrounding a number of such accidents, onebeing where the pilots of a group of  U.S.Bombers were suddenly  puzzled by theunexplained conditions  while they wereflying over the Bermuda triangle and they disappeared under mysteriousconditions.

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Christopher Columbus, a sailor once travelled through thetriangle and saw a thing resembling a meteor landing in the ocean and one weeklater he saw a light coming out of the this region. He expressly stated that inthis region he experienced erratic compass readings and that in this region heobserved that the north and magnetic north lined up. He expressly stated thatin this region he experienced erratic compass readings and that in this region heobserved that the north and magnetic north lined up. People many a timestravel over the Bermuda triangle without witnessing any unusual conditions orsituations.

Many ships and planes have vanished near the Bermuda trianglewithout any SOS messages being circulated by them or any unusual activityreported by them. Statistically speaking many ships and planes have gonemissing in other parts of the ocean, not just in the Bermuda triangle.In the end, it can be said that although Bermuda Triangle isassociated with many mysterious disappearances, it is not always so, that shipsand planes vanish in this region and no remains of these are found here. Therehave been many people who have travelled through the Bermuda triangle but theyhave hinted at the strange things happening here. So all these point out thefact that the truth regarding the Bermuda triangle is yet to be discovered andinvestigated upon.                                


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