Of of world functions, my interest in the

Of all things one can feelpassionate for, my leisure interest is locked on photography.

It sounds clichéwith this electronic age, but it is what has driven me so far. I am born inthe80s, when photography meant to go to a photo studio and get a perfect shotin one click. Time has changed a lot since then. Now, one can afford to takemultiple pictures and store it for eternity. But, underlying all the changes,one factor has remained constant: being driven. As a child, it was an adventureto go with family with a studio and collect photographs after a couple of week.Something about those paper memories have always been a special piece of mychildhood.

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When I look back, I wish I could have recorded a lot more. Manyfaces of those black and white photographs are stacked in photo-albums, butsome faces there don’t breathe anymore. To me, that is magic. Photographsimmortalize people. The word photography is rooted inGreek, which means ‘graphed/drawn by light’. Photography is the art ofamalgamation of the universe and the mind of the artist. Photography is my wayof telling others what I see, how I see. It has a technical side, and a passionfilter.

When I was an amateur I would click anything that appealed to me. As Ilearned from experience and developed an understanding of world functions, myinterest in the choice of object became more precise. And so my instrumentupgraded from mobile photography to DSLR photography. Oh, what a joy! At theend of the day, it is my take on the world, my version of frames. I enjoy thepower of manipulation and interpretation I gain by my lens. It speaks for me;it has become one of my languages. Filtering through various phasesand experiments, I have landed on mainly two categories of photography: fashionand cityscapes.

A photograph is time captured that can be revisited again atfree will. One of the most beautiful aspects of human civilization is fashionand beauty. The world is full of stories to be narrated, people to be known,places to be explored. Each of them is unique, and very different. I haveobserved eyes and closed lips speak more than thousand words. Having travelled from oceans toseas, street lanes to metros, I cannot hold back myself from marveling hownature has portrayed itself in magnificent forms. Screening the unwantedelements, my camera captures what touches my soul. This inspires the audienceto go beyond the physical plane and involve in a higher plane of perfection.

They get to realize how better it can still be made, how much more space thereis for improvement. Photography has taken me to places I could have ever imaginedotherwise.Photography is a spiritualjourney to me. It has shown me what life can be, otherwise. It has taught me tosee the world in peels of reality. The wonderment of nature has no limit. Eachpicture says million words.

For example, the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul can be amuseum to many tourists. But to the locals, it will always be a place of HolySpirit, radiating ancient wisdom, an epitome of history and architecture. Onfull moon nights, it is a beauty to nectar-suckers.

When I publish a picture in greytone, it reveals how life exists in shades of black and white, and thesimplicity of the creation. Then again, in colours, everything becomes sovibrant and attracts eyes like different fragrant flowers attract bees.Sometimes, photographs reveal, sometimes they hide. More importantly, they please,intervene, interpret and manifest one object in multiple facets.

Photography tothe world images is what happens to light when it refracts through a glassprism.  It is my good virtue that I am blessed with apassion that takes me to places, lets me interact with people without utteringa word and transpiring a language that anyone can understand. From memories tocreation, photography has become my other world.


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