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Warren French writes, “The world just hasn’t been made right, so that dreams are the only things that can keep men going.” Agree or disagree with this statement.I remember a time in my life when I would always play with little children. At that point, at the age of six or seven, I decided to become a pediatrician or a kindergarten teacher. When I started high school, I started feeling stressed out because of the pressure that I was doing to myself to reach my goal of becoming a pediatrician. I could hardly focus on the topic we would have during class because I would be thinking about my future as a pediatrician.

With the help of my friends, they helped me overcome the obstacles that I had. The more I thought about what profession I wanted to be, I thought about how much I loved working and dealing with computers. My friends and cousins told me that I should and can be what ever I wanted, and that helped me decide to major in computer engineering at San Jose State University. So you see when it comes down to life, dreams are not the only thing that can keep men going, friendships, pets and companionships can do the same.In the novel Of Mice and Men Lennie, George, and Candy demonstrate and prove that dreams are only one of the things that can keep men going. “Lennie, for God sakes don’t drink so much.You gonna be sick like you was last night.

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I ain’t sure its good water. Looks kinda scummy.” (page 3). George is so concerned with Lennie that he tells him to be careful of what he drinks because he does not know if it is good or contaminated. He tells him that so Lennie will not get sick and so that they can save up for their dream house.

“I want you to stay with me, Lennie. Jesus Christ, somebody’d shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself. No, you stay with me. Your Aunt Clara wouldn’t like you running off by yourself, even if she was dead.” (page 13).

After Lennie and George fight over the dead mouse, Lennie tells him that George would be better off if Lennie went to the mountains to live in a cave. George doesn’t let him. He tells him that he wants him to stay because not only did George somewhat promise Lennie’s dead Aunt Clara that he would take care of him, but he also learned how to live and adjust with the fact that Lennie has kind of a childish mind. Candy says, “Wellhell! I had him so long.

Had him since he was a pup. I herded sheep with him..You wouldn’t think it to look at him now, but he was the best damn sheep dog I ever seen.” (page 44).

Candy had his dog so long that he never thought that the day would come when people would start having problems with him. Candy was so attached to his dog that he wouldn’t hear any of it. He loved seeing his dog after work so much that he never knew the day would come when his dog would not be in the bunk house at the end of the day. “I ought to of shot that dog myself, George.

I shouldn’t ought to let no stranger shoot my dog.” (page 61). Candy finally realizes that the other guys were right about his dog.

He regretted not putting his dog to rest himself instead of letting Carlson do it. He also realized that his dog was not the only thing that kept him going, but the idea that one day he will find a guy who will show him the courtesy of companionship with not only an animal, but also with a person.Therefore, I somewhat agree and disagree with that statement.

For the most part, I disagree because if a person has friends that will stick by them no matter what then they will have the will to keep going. If that person had a companion, then that person will do what ever it takes to make the other happy.


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