Occupational experienced as one of the employees working

Occupational Health and Safety at LNG PNGThe PNG LNG adapted and aligned to the company well with Papua New Guinea established goals and visions on occupational health and safety responsibilities towards its staff and its business partners. Some of the company’s OHS policy that seeks out to realize its goals for visions for its OHS performances are “Conduct operations in a manner that safeguards people and property, comply with all applicable law and regulations, reinforce personal accountability for safety and occupational health, not to start with any job until a safe work method has been established, document work procedures for all safety-critical activities and require compliance, encourage employees to intervene or stop work if they observe unsafe behaviour, monitor safety, and occupational health performance and analyse all high potential incidents and near-misses for root cause and establish and drill emergency response procedures”(Price, 2012). At the initial phase of construction, every individual employee stressed out beyond the limit as witnessed and experienced as one of the employees working there in LNG PNG for one year it was in 2013. Because all workers were there to meet the set timeline of the company towards the production of gas to facilitate an agreement with their interested customers in the Asian region, all workers were put on extreme pressure, stress and others cannot work in such environment caught up in sick beds. The stress was due to overwork load and family factors contributed to affected employees’ emotions, thought processes and physical condition. The sources of employees stress were practically endless.

Experiencing work overload, that has to be completed and all workers burned out and they were not at the good state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion that results from substantial and prolonged stress. Other contributing factors to stress were shifting work, interpersonal relationships change, organizational climate, physical environment and role ambiguity silently came to play major roles in workers’ employment term in PNG LNG.The operator PNG LNG was fully aware of its full responsibilities gone beyond to hire and provide occupational health and safety specialists to come and train the workers at the time of job design, employee selection, and recruitment stages. The company acknowledged, fully supported and monitored the implementation of practice in occupational health and safety (OHS) as part of its job and not just the responsibility of the human resource manager or safety specialist. The human resource managers were at the forefront in promoting safe and healthy work environments and in motivating managers to be alert and accept their responsibilities to train newly introduced staffs to the organization to be employed as causal or permanent has to go through various training in occupational health and safety. As the human resources lecture Mr. H, Shukla (2018) has stated in Health and Safety class that “management’s health and safety responsibility, is to motivate employees to be health safety conscious, ensure compliances with health and safety laws and regulations, monitor OHS performances, training employees to perform their duties and responsibilities in a healthy and safe way, educating employees about health and safety and provide safe and healthy work environment”.

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The PNG LNG had the management plan for managing stress by providing Gyms for exercise, game playing fields, provide better food, plan time for resting strictly eight hours of rest and comfort. Always every morning before the work start having brief “toolbox” referred to as safety talk, emergency procedures documented and all other required information on health and safety were provided. If there was an emergency in terms of sickness or injuries from workplace surroundings, then there was always health centers established at all campsites fully facilitated with emergency response kits with well-trained emergency doctors and other experienced health workers stationed in those locations ever ready for treating referred patients from work sites.


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