Obstetrics Medical Center, 2017). AHMC boasts having 600

Obstetrics Community ExperienceGurpreet KaurWest Coast University                                                                                                         Obstetrics Community ExperienceName, address and purpose of organization AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center1111 W. La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801The purpose of the organization is to provide a wide range of medical and lifestyle care to people of all backgrounds. AHMC (2017)  boasts “we ensure all aspects of our patients’ care are addressed in a responsive, considerate and compassionate environment, resulting in a positive health care experience”. They claim to have 600 physicians and a total of 1300 medical employees.

Some of their achievements include: multitude of open heart surgeries within Orange County complete with two cardiac receiving centers; highly qualified medical staff; and “the only Safe Place in Orange County” which provides services for victims of sexual assault and rape, providing a 24/7 nurse for examination (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017).Population serveda.Type of patient servedAHMC serves a multitude of patients including: victims of sexual assault; cardiac patients and open heart surgery recipients; cancer patients; tobacco smoking population; women specific disease patients; pregnant women and family services; urology patients; and those in need of spinal surgery or rehabilitation as well as a plethora of other patient populations (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017). Furthermore, interpreter services are readily available for patients that speak languages other than English (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017). There are also a multitude of insurance plans accepted in all categories including HMO, PPO, POS, and EPO(AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017).b.

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Type of health care concernsTypes of health care concerns include cancer treatment especially breast cancer; heart surgery or cardiac difficulties; reproductive specialization; kidney specialization; obstetrics; ophthalmologic services; orthopedic services; spinal and other surgical care; intensive care for neonates, and various screening services (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017). AHMC boasts having 600 physicians that are qualified to provide care in over 35 specialty areas (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017).Professional Services Professional services available at AHMC include cancer care, emergency care, radiologic services, endoscopic services, NICU services, cardiac services, spinal treatment/ rehabilitation services, eye health services, and orthopedic services (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017). There are many different medical as well as community classes with presentations that are provided to patients. These include exercise, therapy, pregnancy, nutrition, craft and baby care classes and events (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017).Geographical/ environmental issuesFacilityThe facility is located on a busy road with a bus station near the hospital, so it is readily accessible to those that don’t have a car for transportation. The buildings of the hospital can be hard to navigate, so knowing how to read the signs is a must. A person that does not know how to read in English could potentially get lost.

However, there are security officers and other medical staff that can help with language barriers as the facility is extremely diverse. Moreover, the facility itself is quite clean, however it is not easily navigational due to the lack of signs available. Furthermore, there is a distinct smell that lingers in the hallway upon entering the AHMC building that is not pleasant. It may be due to the odor that is constantly eminent in the bathrooms. It may be due to the bathrooms not being cleaned enough or a lack of maintenance. There are helpful employees that are willing to help with location issues in both the parking lot and inside the facility itself.Physical layoutThe physical layout of the facility is fairly easy to distinguish, however as mentioned before it would be a good idea to have guidance to where one would like to proceed because it may take some familiarity to fully navigate the facility.

There are maps placed when entering the building and on every floor as well.Accessibility The facility is accessible to everyone including those with disabilities. There is valet service available as well as elevators. There are stairs present within the outskirts of the building, however it is mostly navigated through elevators. Furthermore, a person can also ask for extra assistance and equipment to get to their intended destinations.Transportation issuesIn terms of transportation, there is a bus station within a two minute walking distance from the hospital for those that may not have a car. Parking is fairly easy to find and a plethora of parking is available.

Valet parking is also available as well.Social issues of the populationSocial issues of the population include homeless population, victims of abuse and rape, senior care management classes for the elderly population  and chronic tobacco using population. AHMC offers a free program to help chronic tobacco users quit their habit for free (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017).

As for the other social issues mentioned, there are classes and events that are provided for free to the community to have access to information sessions as well as assistance with various health and community related questions or concerns. Another important program offered is for sexual violence victims called “safe place” (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017). This program allows any victim to come to the hospital and receive a thorough medical examination by a specialized nurse 24 hours 7 days a week (AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center, 2017).

AHMC has made many of the services free for the community to join, and has not excluded any population as everyone is free to join any service they may require.Organization’s internal and external means of communication The internal communications that the organization has are phone lines within the hospital, emailing/ messaging systems, as well as employee personnel that are responsible for providing communication and safety. The external means of communication include email, phone numbers for many different specialty areas as well as a website dedicated to the responsibilities of the hospital and registration pages. Registrations can be made in person as well as through the website which is usually faster. Other means of communication include brochures, flyers, event lists that can be found in the hospital and on the AHMC website.Activities during the community experience I attended the baby care and safety class for newborns and infants.

First I helped the nurse with setting up for the program by placing a baby doll, diapers, blankets, as well as other materials that were used to facilitate learning for each expecting couple. Next, I helped set up audio for the videos the couples were to see to understand how to take care of their child better. Afterwards, we had the couples practice swaddling and holding the baby. Furthermore, the nurse also explained how to feed the child and change their diapers, and further education on baby’s feeding habits and expelling habits. A brief introduction to safety was also taught, which included car seat safety, home safety and infection control.  At the conclusion of the class the nurse asked if anyone had any questions.

We then cleaned up and provided more information to any expecting parent that had further questions on admissions process or maternity tours. We made sure that all the items were in their proper places so that it would be easy to place items for future classes.Programs or changes to better serve the communityThe program was very informing, and there seemed to be a positive outlook on the information provided. However, every program has the ability to be made better. The first idea that can be improved on is the efficiency of the information provided. To elaborate, parents should be given information that is easy to understand and not rushed. The program seemed to provide a lot of new information all at once in a very fast manner, which can have its positive and negatives.

For those that are slower learners there needs to be a little more time where they can adjust to the information that is given. It can be overwhelming to have a lot of information to be given in a short span of time. Another helpful suggestion includes providing more direction to the parents as to where the classes will be located because it can get confusing  due to the many buildings that are in close proximity to each other. The last suggestion to better serve the community includes providing the class in series instead of a one 2 hour class. It would be helpful if the parents are given the time to improve on their techniques in taking care of their child, and it would also benefit the men so that they can effectively participate in taking care of their child in a collective manner.

ReferencesAHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center. (2017). About Us | Anaheim Regional Medical Center. Retrieved from http://www.anaheimregionalmc.com/About-Us.aspx


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