Objectives are the team who are in charged

Objectivesof IELTS            TheInternational English Language Testing System or known as IELTS is used toevaluate the level of language proficiency of the people.   According to Hardin (2013), this test is theworld’s most popular English language proficiency test and widely accepted inmany institutions.  Moreover, this testwas designed to remain fair to all student without any reason of biased.  British Council, International DevelopmentProgram of Australian Universities and Colleges (IDP) and Cambridge EnglishLanguage Assessment are the team who are in charged designing this test.  It was established in 1989.2.4.2    Format of IELTSIn IELTS, there are three differenttypes of version which are Academic, General Training and Life Skills.

  The first two tests, Academic and GeneralTraining are divided into four sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  For all version student need to take the samelistening and speaking test but need to take different types of reading andwriting test.  According to Friesen(2017), the Academic Reading and Writing questions will be more abstract thanthose in the General Training version which means some sample of readingpassages are written in less simple vocabulary. IELTS Life Skills includes only the Listening and Speaking sections andit takes less time to complete than the other options.  The purposes of these three version areAcademic version is intended for people planning to study in higher education,General Training version is meant for people who want to migrate and LifeSkills is designed to meet UK Visa and immigration purposes.For listening section takesapproximately 30 minutes to complete and another 10 minutes to transfer youranswer on the sheet.  This section hasfour parts and the students need to answer the question that had been given bylistening the conversation and monologue.

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 According to Kuangyan (2016), students need to focus on the overallmeaning of the conversation and listen the answer carefully so that you do notmiss the verb tenses.  For speakingsection takes about 11-14 minutes and is divided into three parts which areintroduction of yourself, talk about a particular topic that had been given anddiscussion in more details about the topic. Next, for reading section takes about 60 minutes where the students needto answer the question by reading the passages that had been given.  Moreover, for writing section which takesabout 60 minutes where the students need to write on the given topic.2.4.

3    Recognition of IELTSThese tests are accepted worldwide bymore than 9,000 institutions such as universities, corporations, immigrationsoffices and international professional organisations.  According to Collier (2015), if you wish toattend a university or other higher education centre that offers studyprogrammes in English, you should take this test because thousands ofuniversities will accept your results. Most of European and Australian academic institutions require the IELTSacademic certificate because it is more on British and Australian English.  Professional registration bodies will acceptthe IELTS results in many fields such as accounting, engineering, law, medicineand others.2.4.4    Availability of IELTSStudents can sit for IELTS in morethan 140 countries and in over 1,000 locations.

 There are up to 48 test dates available per year and each test centreoffers test up to four times a month. According to Recine (2017), students need to find the most suitabledates for them to sit for the test especially in your semester break.  This is because the student will have anample time to prepare themselves.

  Inorder to apply for the test just go to the IELTS website and check out thecentre closest to your home.  Studentscan see the possible examination dates and their availability and directlyregister for the exam.2.4.5    Scoring in IELTSAccording to Gwendolyn (2016), theIELTS scores are between 1 and 9.  Thestudent will get a band score for each of the skill (reading, writing, speakingand listening) and the overall band score. The overall band is the average of all the skills.

  The highest band would be the band 9 andlowest band is the band    Benefits of IELTSFirst benefits are students who areinterested in pursuing their studies in abroad should take this test becausemany universities worldwide accept IELTS result.  So, the probabilities of the student to getstudy abroad are higher.  According toYucel (2016), students can improve their English language skills duringpreparation before taking the test.  Theywill have a good vocabulary and grammar and also can give them confidenceduring presentation.

  Secondly, workerswho have the good language skills are valuable assets to the company becausethey are capable to communicate well with other foreign clients in businessmatter.  They also have a higheropportunity to be hired compared to other applicants.  Thirdly, for immigrations.  Government agencies use the IELTS exam aspart of their application processes to obtain citizenship.  They consider that the language profiency isthe ability of the people to integrate into their community.


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