Obesity their health. People are measured obese when

Obesity is a healthcondition in which excess body fat has gathered that it may have a positive ornegative outcome on their health.

People are measured obese when their bodymass index (BMI) is above 30 kg/m2, with the range 25-30 kg/m2termed as overweight. Obesity usually affected by a combination of too muchfood intake, absence of physical activity and genetic vulnerability. Some casesare caused by genes  or emotionaldisorder. Many people said that obesity give too many bad effects, butmeanwhile there some people said that obesity have its good side.     One of obesity advantages is an obeseindividual can employ certain types of work that are only catered to obesepeople.

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These types of work including chef, bodybuilder and an acting job.Example, for chef, it is suitable for an obese individual because it can makecustomers feel confident that the food is tasty and delicious. For bodybuilder,it a must to have a big body. Because no one will trust a thin bodybuilder. Howto build a good body if the trainer is thin.

     Second advantage is an obese people havestronger bones and muscles. The purpose being that any effort at exercising,even a jog can provide to this. Some gym activities such as lifting weightsalso contribute with obese people having strong bones and muscles. Anotheradvantage is obese person will feel more warmth than normal person, This isbecause of the excessive body fat lightening heat loss from an obese person’sbody into the air especially in cold situation. The fat has ability to keepsome blood from getting close to skin where it can drop heat quickly.     Meanwhile, there are too manydisadvantages or bad effect of obetsity to people.

One of the disadvantages isobesity can cause high blood pressure. Extra fat tissue in the body needs oxygen and nutrientsin demand to live, which needs the blood vessels to circulate more blood to thefat tissue. This increases the job of the heart because it must pump more bloodthrough extra blood vessels.

More circulating blood also means more force onthe artery walls. Higher force on the artery walls increases the bloodpressure. In addition, extra weight can increase the heart rate and decreasethe body’s ability to transport blood through the vessels.


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