NYU my long-term goals. Furthermore, the core

NYU Abu Dhabi is the epitome of diversity, a fusion of different cultures and ideas that will allow me to see local and global issues from different perspectives. This diversity drives me towards learning languages like Chinese and French, which will help me with my goal in taking an active role in Afghanistan’s government with international economic relations. The closely knit community and low student-to-faculty ratio will allow me to easily build constructive, close relationships where I am able to take full advantage of the knowledge my teachers have and contribute my ideas as well. My desire to major in Economics is fueled by how it represents intricate world problems using theoretical models, as it allows us to analyze them and subsequently shape effective solutions. At a time of political turmoil, I can think of no better place to study what factors every decision made, than in NYU Abu Dhabi, in a region of countries that are often the root of global change.

NYU Abu Dhabi will also heighten my knowledge and skills by allowing me the opportunity to minor in areas such as Political Science, Social Research and Public Policy as well as Legal studies. By studying these interactions, I hope to understand how countries can develop and preserve inclusive institutions that guarantee welfare for their citizens in light of challenges from for example, rising inequality. I will be able to have a holistic understanding of our current world and enhance my economic resolution making skills, which will help me with my long-term goals. Furthermore, the core curriculum is also what drives me towards this university. The vast courses it offers will help me address major global challenges, such as the pursuit of sustainability and equality, and so give me a rich understanding of humanity and the world, developing my global citizenship and leadership skills.

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I would also love to take advantage of the talks offered from intellectuals worldwide such as ‘A World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Desirable? Feasible?’ by Francesco Calogero. The multifaceted balance at NYU Abu Dhabi would help me attain transferable skills in our ever-changing world and help me with my goal in serving my country on a larger scale to break bigger barriers for our women. This unique community will aid me in becoming my greatest self and to make a significant positive impact in this world. 


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