N?wad?ys are a lot of p?sitive sights

        N?wad?ys c?mmunicati?n t?chnol?gy are mor? developed th?n pr?vious 10-15 y??rs. Soci?l m?dia is ? big ?mount of w?bsites th?t all?ws soci?l int?raction. Soci?l m?dia is gr?wing quickly ?ll over the w?rld. M?re p??ple ar? j?ining sit?s in ord?r to int?ract with th?ir f?milies, rel?tiv?s and cl?se fri?nds. T?day soci?l netw?rking play an imp?rt?nt rol? in our lif? ?round the w?rld. We c?nnot imagin? our life without them. Some p??ple think th?t social m?dia destr?ys human int?r?cti?n and r??l life hum?n relati?nships. While ?thers think th?t soci?l m?dia helps in ev?r?thing.

are a lot of p?sitive
sights of social medi? and c?mmunication technolog?. At first, it mak?s it ??sy for peopl? to communicat? with ??ch oth?r anytim? anywher? in the w?rld. Peopl? can keep in touch to their relativ?s no matter h?w far they ar? from each other. S?cial medi? makes hum?n interacti?n much m?re conveni?nt. It gives a chanc? especiall? for introvert?d people to ?xpress themselv?s. Secondly, people will be well-inform?d. I m??n, communicati?n technolog? helps the ??uth and any other user upd?ted with what is happ?ning around the world. This can be seen on the s?lf-development of a pers?n and people will be versatile.
Social netw?rking
helps users to sh?re with their ideas, music, p?ems, hobbies, ph?tos and etc. Even event invit?tions can be mad? by SMS or massag?s. Thirdly, students can g?t ?ducations by networks. The use of social networking
helps impr?ve
technological skills of students, and develop their critical thinking.
Fourthly, people can e?rn mon?y by social networking. Social networking doesn’t just
ben?fit for individuals, but it als? benefit for business?s as well. These sites all?w businesses to ?dvertise and m?rket services to a larg? audience. But, on the other hand it has negative
sights. People that often use online social networking are also pr?ne to social is?lation which can le?d to depressi?n and decreas?d social skills and they  rar?ly hav? face-to-fac?  interacti?n. Numer?us studies have sh?wn that increas?d social media use has a signific?nt associati?n with po?r sleep qu?lity in ?oung people. Frequ?nt use of social media can le?d to reducti?n in stud?nt’s ?cademic performanc?, and c?ncentration to stud? well. Social media and communic?tion technolog? waste people’s tim?. It means that the more time the
students sp?nd
on these social medi? sites, the less time they will spend socializing in
pers?n with ?thers. This reduc?s their communication skills in real life. They will
not be abl?
to communicat?
with other peopl? in real life. Some people cannot ?pply for job due to this reas?n. Students mostly use slang words ?r shortened forms of words on social netw?rking sites. This can reduc? their mannage ?ver the languag? and their creativ? writing skills. In addition, people can be addicted
to them.

         In conclusion, I want to say that we cannot
den? the developm?nt of communic?tion technolog? becaus? everything is ch?nging day by day. From this essay we s?? that the positiv? effect of mobil? media is great?r than the negativ? effect. Furthermor?, it is impossibl? to liv? without new technologies and s?cial networking in the XXI c?ntury.


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