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1. Executive Summary

The business plan is on the baby care service industry targeting the children of the PMU University in Khobar. It is a partnership business with five members were capital will be individually contributed. It will provide the baby care services to babies of the age 0-5 years. The mission of the Little Angels Nursery Daycare Center is to provide full-time services and fun environment to the children of the university staff and students. This will be achieved through putting clients’ needs first and offer of quality services.

The services provided will be distributed along the different age groups (0-1, 1-2, 2-3, and 3-5 years).

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2. General description

The business enterprise will be in the baby care industry where baby care services will be provided to the children of age zero to five years. The business enterprise will be named The Little Angels Nursery Daycare Center.

It will target the children of the staff at PMU University in Khobar and those of the students who are mostly foreigners. The business enterprise is a Partnership Company that will be co-owned by five members. The strength of the company is that it will have skilled employees and administration that would ensure that all the goals and objectives are achieved. It will be funded through partnership contribution who will also act as the administrators.

Mission statement

The focus of the little angles nursery daycare center is to provide a full-time safe and fun environment for the children of our university staff and students. Moreover, our qualified faculty will provide a respectful treatment and a rich learning process which promotes each child’s social, physical and emotional development.

Company goals

The goal of the Little Angels Nursery Daycare Center is to create a safe environment in a friendly homelike atmosphere for children of ages between 0-5 years.


The objectives of Little Angels Nursery Daycare Center are: To determine the value of play in children’s learning and development processes. To have a combined environment by sharing information and building a relationship with the parents.

To promote children’s social and physical development through the combination of indoor and outdoor activities To build self-esteem and confidence personalities among the children

Keys to Success

Put the needs of our clients first as we belief in customer satisfaction through quality services.

3. Company Profile

The Company Ownership is a co-owned enterprise with five members. After seeing the need to take care of young children, the members have partnered forming The Little Angles Nursery Daycare Center. The reason why partnership was chosen was based on the issue of raising adequate startup capital. Each member will be a general partner meaning they shall be active on day to day activities (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2012). They also wanted to take advantage of the different members’ educational backgrounds, skills, and experiences for effective running of the institution.

Advantages of a business partnership are that is allows members to share responsibilities based on their skills, and raise adequate capital. In addition, it offers varied and diverse decisions which are essential for business running (Madura, 2007). In case of any losses, the partners usually share them equally (Madura, 2007).

Start-up Plan

Each of the members will contribute equal amount of capital for leasing the housing facilities and running the business enterprise. Depending on their different skills and educational backgrounds, each member will undertake their field of interest and specialty to encourage division of labor and specialization. Benefits, salaries, bonuses, and profits will be equally shared among the partners. The company will hire specialized baby care takers whom are mostly mothers.

Willing employees of The Little Angles Nursery Daycare Center will undergo health screening as well as educational training catered by the business. This is aimed at increasing the competitive advantage of the company by offering quality service.

Company Locations and Facilities

The Little Angles Nursery Daycare Center will be located at the PMU University in Khobar. The business enterprise targets children of the university staff as well as those of the university students.

The children being taken care of are of the age zero to five years old. The Little Angels Nursery Daycare Center will provide educational and physical facilities to help promote each child’s social, physical and emotional development. Different rooms will be available to cater for the different children age groups at different age groups.

4. Products and Services

Services and Service Description

The Little Angles Nursery Daycare Center located at the PMU University in Khobar will provide recreational, physical and educational facilities to the children of ages between 0-5.

These are the children of the University staffs who reside within the premises of the educational facility as well as those of the students. The services provided in the little angles and nursery and daycare will depend on the age limits as children of different ages require different services as advised in BTEC First Children’s Care, Learning and Development. 0-1 years This is a tender age group that will be taken care of by the Little Angels’ Nursery Daycare Center.

Children at this stage require a lot of attention and care (Understanding children’s development, n. d., Para. 4). There rooms will be homely with soft furnishing, duvets, cushions and nursery furniture like baby walkers.

The rooms will be well colored with scattered toys around the children’s bedrooms and others hanging on the ceiling. The employed staff will be responsible for holding and talking to the babies. To ensure that the children get the best services, the ratio of baby care staff will be one to three.

The work system will ensure that each child familiarizes with their ‘nanny’. The staff members of the Little Angels’ Nursery Daycare Center are well trained and most of them will be mothers themselves. Since the nursery and baby care is located within the learning institution, parents will be allowed to check on their babies anytime for assurance purposes.

They will also be allowed to call in anytime to check up on their children welfare. Other services offered include settling in period which is of about one to two weeks that would allow the baby to familiarize with the new environmental condition and our staff. At the end of the day when the parents will be collecting their babies, they will be offered with a daily operational sheet showing the following: The activities the child has enjoyed and done on that particular day. The number of nappies or pampers used in that day. The condition of the baby physically and social wise. The food calories taken and the liters of water taken. When the child reaches one year will be moved to the adjacent rooms that hosts toddlers of ages of between 12 to 24 months.

However, the moving up will depend on the child’s development abilities like mobility. It will also depend on the child’s needs as well as their health and socializing abilities. The child will be familiarized with the rooms before being moved. 1-2 years The children under this age bracket require a lot of care and attention as they are on development stages (Understanding children’s development, n. d., Para.

5). The toddlers will be provided with a range of collections for investigative, exploratory, and learning purposes. The place will be stimulating as the child will be developing emotionally and physically.

The toddlers will be taught and encouraged on how to paint, draw, solve some jigsaws, and other engaging activities that will stimulate their brain development. This will definitely promote the personal development, social skills, and promote independent learning. The toddlers in Little Angels’ Nursery Daycare Center will be allowed to rest for two hours and can sleep on available mats.

The developmental needs of the child will be taken into considerations by the use of both outdoor and indoor physical and learning environment. The ratio still remains one to three as the needs of the children are almost the same as those of zero to one year. The toddlers socializing skills will be developed as they will be encouraged to share and play with other toddlers. They will be grouped in teams and encouraged to share their toys and other materials. At the end of the day the toddlers will be issued with a worksheet with the following: The progress of the child socially, emotionally and physically. Food calories taken and amount of water. The child’s emotional and learning abilities. Before the child is moved to a pre-school, the parent shall be engaged in a discussion where advice shall be availed to the parents.

2-3 Years The children at this age group will be on a preparatory transition to join the other older groups. With their ability to move around, talk, and understand, the ratio of staff member to child be increased from one to three to one to four. They will be taught how to write, draw, and paint. They will be encouraged to socialize so as to develop socialization skills as well as relationships with their staff and other children.

They will also be encouraged to mingle with other experienced big groups. They children will be prepared for transition period from a toddler to a more experienced child. More physical activities and exercises will be encouraged to develop the child physical and mental capabilities.

Parents will be encouraged to call anytime during the day to check up on their children for reassurance purposes. The children rooms will be filled sand, water, music, and a home corner. This would encourage them play with real environmental facilities as they familiarize themselves with the surroundings. At the end of the day the parents will be provided with a chart with following; Socializing abilities and any antisocial behavior that the parent would like to know. The physical, emotional, and social developments of the child. Food calories taken and health progress of the child.

3-5 Years This age group consists of children who can talk, walk, play, and understand (Understanding children’s development, n. d., Para. 6). The ration of this age group is usually one staff to eight children. The staff have been trained in EYDCP (early year’s development childcare partnership) and equipped with any other required skills.

The rooms will be well decorated for the children with more learning materials rather than mere drawings. This is to stimulate their mental capabilities, reason and understanding. The children will be provided with wide range of activities and resources and they include; Water and sand Music Science area Small World toys Book corner Construction area Art & Craft area Outdoor play Math’s area Writing table Role Play area Other services provided are Child preparation to the challenges faced in an infant school Little Angels’ Nursery Daycare Center will offer a safe, play tested, and happy environment for the child where they will learn to gain independence and socialize beyond the family setting. Prepare the child for the first stage in elementary school.

Identify the child special problems if any through continual observations and assessments. This would allow the parents know the problems and rectify them before the child joins elementary schools. Children will be trained for daily routines and responsibilities. The children will be encouraged to be independent, develop communication and social skills and the act of sharing. Parents will be provided with necessary information that pertains to the elementary schools for first graders around the University.

Competitive Comparison

Since the business is the first of its kind around the institution and town, no competition is expected in the short term. However, competition may be experienced in the next five years if other nursery and baby care institution mushroom. For the mean time, the company will be experiencing a monopoly as well as operate as price takers.

Future facilities and services

The enterprise will expand its facilities and increase its employees as the number of clients children increase.

This will ensure that every child necessity is taken care of. It will also put on more play facilities like swings, sliding rails, and bouncing castles among others.

5. Industry Analysis

The baby care industry is a new concept in Saudi Arabia with little players as most of the mothers are housewives. This means no competitors around the university and its environs thus the need to establish one around the area.

The other aspect of the industry is that it’s a growing one that will be faced with emergent competitors in the near future. However, the business enterprise with create a brand name and put into place strategic plans that would play as competitive advantage in the near future.

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